Lou Manna

So, here’s the story after I drew Blue Ribbon #14, Rich Buckler asked me to do additional issues.

Rich encouraged me to plot out a few issues and stan Timmons would write the dialog.

Of course, the line went belly up and nothing came of those plots.

While cleaning out my files I found some scribbled notes for issues #15 and #16, I got the itch to see if I could do one of the missing issues. Here it is!

I tried to keep it in the same vein as the 80s dialog and plot for those times simple story simple art don’t know if any of you will like it but it gave me the chance to fill in a gap in my career. If you all like it maybe in between I can get to the other plot one day as well. The pages will be available minus the dialog and grays on eBay soon or email me if you’re interested in purchasing them, contact Lou at asta404@aol.com

So let’s step back to the ’80s