Art provided from the collection of Brad
Text provided by John Carbonaro
Captain Strong story
commissioned by Archie Comics
circa 1980



“Here are some of the images I was sent from Paul Bonanno that he drew for Red Circle Comics before John Carbonaro was sent packing in favor of Rich Buckler.”


John Carbonaro

“Under my brief editorialship, I changed his name to Captain Strong to differ the Simon and Kirby revamp from the original Shield. As proof, look at Mighty Crusaders #1 which I edited and got paid for though Archie put Buckler’s name on it.

Buckler never seemed to remember to call him by the new name and probably confused everyone. Also, Chris Adams and Charlie Boatner were previously a Thunder Agent writers (one of them wrote that story, I think Chris) and Paul Bonanno was my pick of artists as I got him to work on my Thunder Agents as well. Als, this would explain why this short story never made it into the Red Circle books. I’m sure Archie has the whole inked story in a file somewhere. Archie Comics insisted on using D’agastino(sic)as inker on this story. Paul was upset when a beautiful (although small) rendering of Capt. Strong partially submerged was inked. The lower half of the face was replaced with simple lines for waves.”