Paul Kupperberg, CAT-GIRL AND THE BLACK QUEEN, Part 1

Nowadays I’m not sure who comics are for, but they used to be for kids. A long time ago, during one of their periodic attempts to do superhero comics–late 70s, early 80s–I did a job for Archie Comics, re-writing a script for a character called Cat-Girl. I don’t recall who wrote the script originally nor have a clue where Cat-Woman came from (she might’ve been dredged up from a 1940s Sheena-imitator character), but the story was drawn by the late, great Pat Boyette. Boyette was an actor, screenwriter and TV news anchorman who began drawing comics in the 1960s, doing the bulk of his work for Charlton Comics, the “Little Comics Company That Could.” His style was very quirky but I always loved it. Too bad Archie cancelled their superhero line before this story could see print. It’s 22-pages long, so I’ll post a chunk at a time, every week.