Title: Lost Jungle Tales starring Catgirl
Publisher: Charlton Neo Media
Art by: Pat Boyette
Stories by: Paul Kupperberg & Joe Gill
Color by: Mort Todd
Price: $ 12.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: morttodd.com 
Comments: “The Black Queen” As we see Catgirl leap forth from the jungle she is graceful. She is a stunning sight. She travels with two cats a white and a black Panther.
The zombie gorilla is drawn as a powerful and evil creature. Catgirl must face a greater foe as well.
The story flows along so smoothly and you are drawn right into it. You will quickly grow to love this character as she draws you into her life.
Ly The Black Queen is an evil person. Catgirl must face her to free her friend. Catgirl and Ly both are full of surprises as both can transform. This leads to a vicious fight.
Catgirl is full of surprises. She has many abilities.
In this story, Catgirl’s adventure leads to heartbreak.
Catgirl is a comic filled with fantastic jungle art and a story that will keep you reading till the end.
“The Trophy Hunter” Jungle Jax captures Christal Manx out hunting from a plane with a machine gun. This certainly is illegal. She is illustrated as one beautiful blonde bombshell. This is a short adventure and wrapped up fast. It gets to the point quickly.
“Rogue Elephant” Jungle Jax has his hands full with a rampaging elephant. He leaps into action. This is a wonderful jungle adventure The art is gorgeously done and with the story, you can feel the adventure unfolding.
Jungle Adventures abound here. Catgirl and Jungle Jax will guide you through the jungle and protect you as you thrill to their exciting adventures.

Review by Richard Vasseur