Chapter One
is the latest project from some of the minds behind

The film follows private investigator Walter Whitney, as he finds himself deep in a mystery that could unravel the questions he has of his own past. And just what do those answers have to do with the disappearance of The Mighty Crusaders 30 years ago?

The Mighty Crusaders are some of the most influential superheroes in comics and yet not many people are aware of their history or importance.

In 2019 Archlight Studios begins production on the first ever Mighty Crusaders fan film and brings these characters to a life they so richly deserve.

THE SHIELD – Red Circle Investigations: A Mighty Crusaders Fan Film – Chapter One

This design was done by Nate Contini. The Approach was to take the various different designs The Shield has had over the decades and combine the best elements of each. Then take those elements and find a way to make that into a practical outfit and design.