Created by: Rik Offenberger
Real Name: Simon N. Kirby
First Appearance: Agent Shield #1, June 2018
Origin: Kirby is a third generation F.B.I. Special Agent with 5 years of service to the bureau. He specialized in organized crime and has done some undercover work, infiltrating and arresting members of hate groups. Agent Kirby was assigned to head up the Ultra Agent Program which included suiting himself up as an ultra hero and actively registering ultra heroes as well as calling upon them as needed to police the ultra-villains, keep them in line and bring them in when they cross the line.


Created by: Mike Spagnola
Real Name: Glenn Badjowski
First DC Heroes RPG (Summit Alliance campaign 99-05), 1st PUBLIC APPEARANCE- Gilbert Monsanto’s Arena, Brawler’s Ball round 4
Origin: Glenn “Badge” Badjowski, leader of the Summit Alliance is a Cleveland, Ohio police officer and a Superhero.
As the police force grew tired of superheroes always stealing their thunder, they dressed up one of their own, Officer Glenn Badjowski, for P.R. purposes. As other heroes ended up forming a team with him (using him as a form of legitimacy), he outgrew his jurisdiction and ended up taking the job more seriously then he thought.
He originally just saw himself as just another police officer and scoffed at wearing the outfit, not really even liking superheroes all that much, but as time went on, the lifestyle came to define him.


Created by: Jim Burrows
Real Name: Captain John Steele, USN
First Appearance: Super*World campaign Maynard Massachusets, 1983
Origin: Capt. John Steele was a young fighter­ aircraft certified US Navy pilot. When he was badly injured, detailed blood and genetic screening revealed that he had a genetic marker that was known to be associated with very positive reactions to the so-called ‘Ultra Soldier” serum. Therefore, he was subjected to an enhanced version of the treatment, resulting in unprecedented levels of strength, speed, agility, and stamina. Capt. Steele was transferred into the Navy’s unit of X-COM, the Joint Extraordinary Operations Command, using the call sign ”Sentinel”. X-COM supplied him with a state-of­ the art suit of Kevlar-derived body armor and powered gauntlets. Initially, Sentinel was used only in official, at times covert, military operations. However, in response to the growing ultra-human threat, he was given the public ultra-hero identity of the ”Champion of Liberty ” and a new call sign of ”Champion”.


Created by: Joe Sewell
Real Name: Dire Al-Sahrah (درع الصحراء)
First Appearance: The !mpact of the Shields, Dec 18, 2018
Origin: Not much is known about Operative: Desert Shield. He appeared during an operation of US ultra-agents in a Middle Eastern desert, where he was protecting the underground bunker of the mysterious, figure known as the ”Major of the Sands.” Later, he engaged an Isreali team led by Judah ”The Hammer” Maccabee, during which he mentioned his family. While his motivations remain unclear, his comments suggest that he may have been coerced into the Major’s employment to protect his family.


Created by: Rik Offenberger
Real Name: Judah Maccabee
First Appearance: Agent Shield #32, December 2018
Origin: Judas Maccabaeus was the third son of Mattathias, a Jewish priest. Together with his sons, Mattathias led the Maccabean Revolt for religious freedom when King Antiochus IV Epiphanes of the Greek-Seleucid Empire made Hellenism the only legal religion. Judah Maccabee, named for his forefathers, is the latest wielder of the Hammer from GOD. He has spent his entire life in the study of his religion, and since birth, he has been on a mission to protect his people. It is his calling.

Created by: Rik Offenberger
Real Name: Rob McFarlane
First Appearance: Agent Shield #59, February 2019
Origin: Rob McFarlane is a sergeant in the US Marine Corps. He joined the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) the day he graduated from high school and was stationed with the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. He strongly believes in ”No Man Left Behind” & has become a one- man extraction team. While most combat troops try to dress in camouflage, Sgt. Flag drapes himself in the colors of the Sgt. Flag is the Hammer of Justice.flag to stand out and be seen by the troops he is trying to save. When you need a hammer, he is there to save your ass. Semper Fi Mø†#≡Γ Fμ¢κ≡Γ.


Created by: Eric N. Bennett
Real Name: Alexi Mikhailovith Krylenkov
First Appearance: Superiors #2 October 2016
Origin: The grandson of the famed World War II hero who shares his name, Steel Wolf underwent a process to duplicate the circumstances of his grandfather’s empowerment. Given a colorful costume, and assigned to be Russia’s representative to the United Nations’ First Guard task force, Steel Wolf earned a reputation as the greatest defender of the world as a whole. Steel Wolf also serves as a member of an interdimensional group of heroes charged with defending the multiverse. During his time with this group, while exploring an as-yet­ unidentified dimension, he was transported to Agent Shield’s Earth. After introductions and explanations, the heroes shared an adventure together before Alexi returned to his own world.