What was the first thing you did involving Archie Comics?

I hope you forgive me, but my memory doesn’t serve very well regarding those events which led to my association with Archie Comics in the dim, dark past. What I do remember is that they contacted me about packaging a line of mystery titles based on some material they’d published back in the 40’s. Up until then, I’d functioning in the industry strictly as an artist/sometimes writer, but never as an editor. It seemed like a worthwhile challenge, so I accepted.

If I remember correctly, the first thing I did was design some logos.

When did the Black Hood story “Life is not like a Comic Book” (Drawn by Neal Adams) get written/drawn? It made it’s first appearance in Archie’s Super-Hero Digest #2.

I can’t tell you anything about the Super-Hero digest. Don’t think I ever saw one. I don’t know whose idea the Black Hood was initially, but I welcomed the opportunity to do a constumed crimefighter in a more REALISTIC view than was the custom. At least, that’s what I tried to do.

Any idea why the Black Hood series got cancelled after only 3 issues?

The reason for the cancellation of the Hood, Madhouse, and Sorcery remains a mystery to me. Sometime later, I ran into one of the line’s salesmen who told me that although the books were doing well, Goldwater, the publisher, ordered them dropped for whatever reasons of his own.

Did you have any stories written/drawn for Archie that never saw print?

I have no unpublished Archie material.

Favorite Red Circle character?

I guess the Hood ranks as my favorite Archie character.

Overall, what were your thoughts on your work there?

We had some of the best talent available. Alex Toth, Frank Thorne, Jesse Santos, Marv Channing, Vicente Alcazar, etc… I think we put out a good product. I was glad to be involved.

Career highlights?

As for career highlights? Too many to list here. But a few of the top ones would have to be my tenure on the Tarzan and Buck Rogers strips, and my own Orion and Edge of Chaos features.

Final words?

Thank you for your interest in my scribblings!