Vito Delsante of Stray fame is going to be writing one of the stories in the all-new Fox one shot from Archie Comics this May. Victo stopped by First Comics News to catch our readers up on the Fox.

First Comics News: Vito, we have talked a few times about Stray, now you are working on the Fox. How did you end up at Archie?

Vito Delsante: I don’t know that you could call it “ending up at Archie” unless they offer me a full-time writing gig WHICH I WILL HAPPILY ACCEPT! but this isn’t the first time I’ve worked for Archie. I wrote a Black Hood story a few years ago with ChrisCross that ended up in an all-digital Mighty Crusaders collection (THE LOST CRUSADE) and I was tapped to do a Stan Lee series (Stan Lee and the Mighty Seven). So, I was on their radar for some time, but this was just a matter of me pestering [Archie Comics Editorial Director] Jamie Rotante at the right time.

1st: Were you a fan of the Mighty Crusaders before this assignment?

Vito: Oh God yes. I troll eBay trying to get those Remco figures all the time!

1st: What do you like best about the Fox?

Vito: I said it in another interview, but the thing that makes the Fox unique is his ability to morph into whatever story you need him to tell. You could tell a noir Fox story, a goofy comedy, or even a straight-up superhero story. In my case, I wanted to play with a Rube Goldberg-ish prop.

1st: When does your story take place?

Vito: The night before (you could even say hours before) Paul and Mae get married. So, it’s in the past…about 20 years ago, depending on how old Shinji is.

1st: Does Mae know Paul is the Fox yet?

Vito: I treat it like she does, but she could have found out just before the story begins, off screen.

1st: How did she find out about Paul’s secret identity?

Vito: Like I just mentioned, probably right before the story opens, but Paul is such an earnest, compassionate person, I can’t see him keeping it a secret from his love.

1st: How does she feel about marrying a superhero?

Vito: We never really delve into that in the story, but I think she’s just like anyone who marries a police officer or a firefighter; she’s proud of Paul’s contributions to the world at large, but also worried for his safety.

1st: Dean’s run is noted for numerous classic and underused MLJ heroes and villains. Will you be following suit?

Vito: I pulled the Hyena out of obscurity for this one.

1st: What makes Richard Ortiz the right partner for this project?

Vito: Ric is just…his art is really clean, really gorgeous lines. He has a kind of Alan Davis smoothness but coupled with a pencil weight of George Perez or Phil Jimenez. Ric makes the beautiful beautiful and the evil monstrous.

1st: Is this one and done or are you doing more with the Mighty Crusaders in the future?

Vito: This is just a one-time deal, but as I said earlier, I am totally ready to jump into this world further!