Did you know about these characters before you were asked to participate in the Red Circle/Archie Adventure series project?


Did you get any story input on the Shield stories you drew, or did you just go straight from the script done by Mr Greim?

Straight from Martin’s script.

Having also drawn some other titles for this company (Mighty Crusaders being one), did you find one character being harder to draw than others?

No, I enjoyed it all.

Do you have any insight on why the Mighty Crusaders series (and it’s related titles) was cancelled?

Probably declining sales.

Had you drawn any more stories for the Archie Adventure line that never saw print?

An Original Shield story.

What was it like to follow in Steve Ditko’s footprints, taking over the art chores on the Fly at issue #9? (which happened to be the final issue)

Very interesting for he had inked Sgt Fury #15 and I had inked an Iron Man he pencilled.

How was Rich Buckler as an editor?

Rich was terrific… he hired me to do the Crusaders.

Martin Greim said to me that your art was “great” when you were really “in to a project”, and that you were in to the Archie Adventure stuff you did.  Your thoughts on that?

and How was Martin Greim as a writer?  Easy to work with?

I like Marty very much and enjoyed illustrating his scripts so much I asked him to collaborate with me on a newspaper strip I had created and was trying to sell.