Created by:
Joe Blair & Ed Wexler

Real Name:
Zachary Zambini

Joined Mighty Crusaders:
Zambini is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders.

First Appearance:
Zip Comics #1 February 1940

Zambini, the world’s master of magic, has many miraculous powers, but the greatest is his ability to compel an evil force to return like a boomerang to the place where it started. Zambini’s services are free but he will serve only the forces of justice and mercy.

Zambini the Miracle Man, was an extremely powerful sorcerer who wore a magic “boomerang” amulet that gave him a unique power. The amulet could send any attack, magic or otherwise, back to its source. By sending evil magic back to its source, Zambini was able to to track where it came from. Zambini also demonstrated tremendous willpower, the ability to teleport, and pretty much any magic ability needed in times of trouble.

Powers & Weapons:
Zambini the Miracle Man casts his spells by clutching his magic amulet and speaking an arcane language unknown to any other person. He can fly, confuse minds, and grow to great heights, but his greatest power lets him compel evil to return to its source.

MLJ Comics:
Zip Comics 1-35

Mighty & Radio Comics:
Mighty Crusaders 4

Red Circle & Archie Comics:
Mighty Crusaders 10