Created by:

Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Real Name:


Joined Mighty Crusaders:

Is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders

First Appearance:

Adventures of the Fly #1, August 1959

Turan is an emissary of the Fly People. His world exists on a dimensional plane outside our galaxy. It was Turan who bestowed the powers of The Fly on Tommy Troy and, later, Kim Brand.

Turan explained that millions of years ago, the Fly People ruled the Earth. The Fly People developed the science of magic to the nth degree.  As potent as the magic was, however, it could not keep those whose craving for supremacy and greed that consumed their lives from achieving their goals of complete domination. When the power-hungry despots adopted the Fly magic, it could no longer be controlled.  Abruptly, without notice, most of the race was destroyed by a mysterious gaseous explosion. Only a few of the Fly People managed to escape to the other dimension, the “Fly World.” The remaining population, both good and evil, was reduced to the insignificant form of life known as flies. The other survivors, lead by Turan, pledged to fight all greed and crime on earth. Patiently they waited for that “one person … pure of heart” who would be “…Fearless in the face of danger! Loyal to those in trouble! Yeoman in the service of justice!” He found his answer in young Tommy Troy. Later, the denizens of the dimension housing the Fly World became dreadfully concerned at the escalating number of more menacing and stronger foes; enough so to send Turan to search for a suitable partner for The Fly. Kim Brand was that person.

Mission accomplished, Turan returned to dwell in the comfort of the Fly World; knowing wherever criminals rule, wherever innocent women and children are afraid to walk the streets, wherever a man cannot live in simple dignity, wherever a people cry out for justice, his champions of truth, decency and equality, the Mighty Fly and the Fabulous Fly Girl, are ever vigilant in the battle.

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