BERRY and ME #144
“Frosty Frazzle”
With Veronica off on a trip, Betty has Archie all to herself. But it doesn’t prove to be the benefit she anticipated.
“Youth Will Be Served”
Hilda deals with a door-to-door cosmetics salesman.
“Power Trip”
Though Betty appears as Super-Teen in the dream, her costume is different from her sixties incarnation. Private Strong – the Shield and The Fly make cameo appearances.

“A Gymnastic Twist”
GenreteenCharactersBetty Cooper; Veronica Lodge; Archie Andrews; Miss Grundy; Mr. Weatherbee; Moose MasonSynopsisVeronica schemes to get Betty off the cheerleader squad and away from Archie by getting her on the school gymnastics squad.
“Snow Job”
Betty wants to help Archie out with his snow shoveling work, but not if it means helping him with Veronica.
Story: George Gladir
Pencils: Dan DeCarlo Jr.
Inks: Dan DeCarlo, Dan DeCarlo Jr., Jim DeCarlo, and Rudy Lapick
Color: Barry Grossman
Letter: Bill Yoshida
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
36 pages
March 1985
Price 65¢