Created by:
Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Real Name:
Lancelot Strong (Adopted Name)
Roger Flemming (Birth Name)

Joined Mighty Crusaders:
In an untold story prior to Mighty Crusaders (vol. 2) #1, March 1983

First Appearance:
The Double Life of Private Strong  #1, June 1959

Dr. Malcolm Flemming raised his son Roger to use the untapped portions of the human brain, thus making him a superhuman. After Communist spies kill Dr. Flemming; the Strong’s, a farm couple, raise Roger. Once he hit his teens, he discovered the truth of his background and his powers. His father had created a patriotic costume for him, and he started off as the new superhero, the Shield. He soon joined the Army, with only life as a soldier and a double life as a superhero the Shield.

Powers & Weapons:
The Shield has super strength, flight, near-invulnerability, vision powers, the ability to generate lightning.

TEXT BY: Rik Offenberger