Created by:
Irv Novick & Harry Shorten

Real Name:
Joe Higgins

Joined Mighty Crusaders:
Shield II is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders

First Appearance:
Super Comics #1, 1942

Joe Higgins, the son of scientist Tom Higgins, whose research had included a quest for a chemical to give super-powers to ordinary humans. With success within his grasp, the elder Higgins was killed by foreign agents. The son, an R.C.M.P., used the process on himself, then put together a skin-tight outfit based on the Canadian flag to become Mountie Extraordinaire, the Shield.
(note: During World War II Canada used the Union Jack)

For all intents and purposes, the Canadian Shield was the same as his US counterpart, the stories were the same but redrawn by Canadian artists who adjusted the costume for the Canadian audience.

Powers & Weapons:
The Shield has super strength, invulnerability, and wears an indestructible costume.

Citren News Company:
Super Comics #1

F. E. Howard Comics:
Super Comics #2-#5

Century Comics:
Three Ring #1
(Cover only)