Created by: Irv Novick & Harry Shorten

Real Name: Joe Higgins

Joined Mighty Crusaders: In an untold story prior to Mighty Crusaders (vol. 2) #1

First Appearance: Pep Comics #1, January 1940

Origin: Joe was the son of Thomas Higgins, a government biochemist and member of the Burning Hand – a secret society formed to protect America. Thomas was attempting to recreate the powers of the legendary Shield when he was killed by Axis-allied spies.

Joe completed his father’s research and applied it to himself, becoming the Shield. After WWII he became an F.B.I. investigator, using his intel and super-powers to combat organized crime.

As more super-humans arose, Shield helped to found the Mighty Crusaders and their government liaison program M.L.J.  Years later, when the Brain Emperor struck at the mostly retired heroes, Shield rallied the next generation to form the New Crusaders.

In the final battle with his long-time nemesis, the elite assassin Eraser, Shield was severely and irrevocably injured. With the return of the original Shield, Joe opted to finally step down from command and lead the M.L.J.

Super-human athleticism
Super strength


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