By Richard Vasseur

Title: The Mighty Crusaders Vol. 1 (GN)
Publisher: Dark Circle Comics
Story by: Ian Flynn
Pencils & Inks by: Kelsey Shannon
Inks by: Ryan Jampole
Lettering by: Jack Morelli
Colors by: Matt Herms
Cover by: Kelsey Shannon and Matthew Dow Smith
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Steel Sterling, The Comet, The Shield, Firefly, Jaguar, The Web, and Darkling; the Crusaders are battle Dino Rex a deadly dinosaur man. The Shield is the field leader.
The art is a bit too cartoonish.
The new looks for Jaguar and The Web are a nice new updated look that works.
Darkling is a new addition and one that the team needs so it has some new blood.
The Shield is still learning how to lead and it is great to see those insecurities. She acts as unsure but yet you can tell she is ready for the role. She adopts really fast to the role.
Meanwhile, an ancient evil is about to rise again.
Seeing the team The Mighty Crusaders back and in action is a treat. The Crusaders are a group of crusading super-heroes that will take the world by storm and be cheered doing it.
The Shield does take charge with some encouragement from the Comet. She has the stuff to become a great leader she just needs to realize it.
We get to see some team dynamics. We also see that a couple members of the team need to be more a part of the team. It is nice to look in at the members as people and hear their thoughts on other members.
The team does realize inspiring the masses takes more than just punching out people. The Eliminators step in. The splash page here promises excitement is coming.
Steel Sterling takes the fight to the Eliminators. First Sterling attacks Bronto and than Lodestone makes his move. Bronto is a strong dumb brute but Lodestone has power.
Who or what is Eternos! He is a threat looming for another day.
Rogue Star and Dream Demon make this fight one-sided as the villains are large and in charge. The Crusaders are having their bells rung seriously. The fight has gone from bad to worse. The new Shield needs to get her head in the game. She is the leader and she needs to lead by example. Having Sterling not at one hundred percent puts the team at risk. This so-called team needs to start acting as a team.
If the storyline is to put the team down and then build them up it had better do so before they are dead.
The Eliminators make for a halfway decent villain team. Plus the surprise set loose from the Crusaders HQ is illustrated beautifully in its savage fury.
Its the Crusaders vs the Eliminators. The brawl is on and they are all playing for keeps. They are shown using their powers to good effect. The battle is a hard one for both teams. They all give it their all. The Shield does step up and take command as she should.
Back at the base Joe, the former Shield takes on Dino Rex. He may be an old man but he can kick butt still.
The new Shield is really coming into her own here.
Does the team face an old threat may be reemerging? A threat that would place the whole team in peril and more.
It is great to see the team acting as a team.
Steel Sterling, now he has been having problems and still is. The Shield though stands by her teammate.
The Crusaders are a great team and lets hope we see a lot more of them.
“Bonus Story” Story by Ian Flynn, pencils by Alitha Martinez, lettering by John Workman, inks by Rick Bryant and colors by Steve Downer.
Here we see the New Crusaders team as they just started out. They end up in one all-out fight against Ragnarok a foe of incredible strength. The battle is fierce.
The New Mighty Crusaders are a team to be inspired by as they do their best.