Created by:

Will Harr & Norman Danberg

Real Name:


Joined Mighty Crusaders:

Rang-A-Tang is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders

First Appearance:

Blue Ribbon Comics #1, November 1939


Rang-A-Tang started life as a pup.


Hardly ever in the history has such faith existed between man and beast as exist between Rang-A-Tang, the Wonder Dog and his master, Hy Speed, the Ace Detective. Side by side, the two wage a never-ending battle for law and order. Later Rang-A-Tang and Hy teamed up with Richy the Amazing Boy.

Powers & Weapons:

Almost human brain, Super-Sensitive eyes, and ears, unerring sense of smell, amazing strength and agility.


MLJ Comics:

Blue Ribbon Comics #1-22

Note: Rang-A-Tang was so popular in his day he was able to maintain his own fan club.