Friday, December 18th, 2009
By Rachel Gluckstern

DC Nation, it’s Go Time. The second wave of the Red Circle heroes is upon us! And with them, an array of talent so dizzying, you may need some Dramamine after this post! So hold on tight and read on!

It all begins in The Shield #5 when Marco Rudy brings the Jaguar to life as the Shield battles Nazi robots deep in the Brazilian jungle. Check out Marco’s amazing design as he showcases the feral side of this mysterious new hero! Will he help the Shield – or hurt him?

In this same issue, the Inferno co-feature gains its own strange encounter when the Comet comes face to face with our fiery man on the run! Duncan Rouleau came up with one stellar design for our cosmic character, and what Greg Scott does with it – well, you’ll just have to pick up the issue and see for yourself!

Next up is the rise of the Black Hood, found in the pages of the Web #5! Our killer guest team of new ACTION writer Marc Guggenheim and the aptly-named Talent Caldwell are exploring the impact of the Web’s unconventional approach to crime fighting and what that will mean for Mateo Burland. So far, the odds are against a happy ending!

And keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Justice floating through the Hangman co-feature in the Web #5! Once more, we turned to Duncan Rouleau to deliver a design, and he delivered strong! Just wait until you see how Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz have brought this spectral savior to life (as it were)!

(By the way, father/son writing team Michael and David Uslan wanted me to tell you all they’re working on a Mr. Justice co-feature with artist extraordinaire Justiniano, but I said it was too early to discuss that. So don’t say anything to them yet, ok?)

So that’s FOUR new characters popping up in the Shield and Web #5! And brought to you by extremely talented creators all, no less. And with JSA All-Stars writerMatt Sturges taking over the Web as of issue #6, can we even find room here for just one hero more?

Oh yes, we can.

Starting in March, Inferno will go on a four-issue hiatus from the Shield, and in its place will be running the origin story of the FOX! Brought to you by Inferno writer Brandon Jerwa and POWERS artist Michael Avon Oeming! Follow Paul Patten Jr. on his journey to unravel the decades-long mystery behind his father’s death, as he learns secrets of the Tokyo underworld and the mysterious ways of the Kitsune spirit. It all kicks off in the Shield #7 along with a brand-new mission in the lead feature! Don’t believe us? Check out Michael’s amazing designs below!


So that’s the state of the Red Circle as we go into 2010. New characters, new stories, and new talent are all rounding out the latest corner of the DC Universe. Make it your New Year’s resolution to try out a new book – you won’t be disappointed by the level of quality and excitement everyone’s bringing to these titles!