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The Comet

Mighty Crusaders No. 2
January 1966
Story: “The Origin of the Comet” (5 pages)
Editor: Richard Goldwater
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Paul Reinman
Feature Character: The Comet (last chronological appearance in ?; next chronological appearance in ADVENTURES OF THE FLY #30)
Intro: Naija (dies in this story), Altroxians (only appearance)
Cameo appearance: Fly Man, Fly Girl, Shield, Black Hood
Villains: The Mecks (first appearance; all destroyed in this story)
Synopsis: The Comet is snatched away from Earth to save the Altroxians from metallic marauders.  But after the queen he marries is killed by the last surviving Meck, the Comet loses his powers, adopts a new costume, and returns to his homeworld.
The Comet No. 1
Cover: Comet and Naija vs. Mecks //Alex Nino
Story: [untitled] (19 pages)
Editor, writer: Bill DuBay
Penciller: Carmine Infantino
Inkers: Alex Nino
Letterers: Billy DuBay, Jr. (pgs. 1-19), ? (pgs. 20-
Colorist: Tom Ziuko (pgs. 1-19), Barry Grossman (pgs. 20-
Feature Character: The Comet (last appearance in MIGHTY CRUSADERS (2nd series) #3; origin retold in detail)
GS: The Shield (last appearance in MIGHTY CRUSADERS (2nd series) #3), the Hangman (in flashback)
Supporting Character: Thelma Gordon Dickering (in flashback; last appearance in ?), Naija (in flashback)
Intro: Flavius (only appearance; in flashback), Timmy and his mother (only appearance for both)
Cameo appearances: Black Hood, Steel Sterling
Other Character: Allen Lucas (in flashback; isochronally with PEP COMICS #1)
Cameo appearances: “Satan” (from PEP COMICS #2), Zadar (from PEP COMICS #3), the Hunchback (all in flashback)
Villains: Doc Archer (in flashback; isochronally with PEP COMICS #1; dies in this story) and his gang (last appearance for all; one dies in this story; in flashback; isochronally with PEP COMICS #1), Gorgon (in flashback; first appearance; destroyed in this story), the Mecks (in flashback; all destroyed in this story), Big Boy Malone (in flashback)
Synopsis: Driven by guilt over the men he has killed, the Comet recounts his history to his roommate, the Shield.

The Comet No. 2
Cover: Comet, cops, and Lisa looking at Hangman holding body //Carmine Infantino / Rudy Nebres
Story: [untitled] (30 pages)
Editor, writer: Bill DuBay
Penciller: Carmine Infantino
Inker: Alex Nino
Letterer: Adam Kubert
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Feature Character: The Comet (origin details revealed)
GS: The Hangman II (next appears in MIGHTY CRUSADERS #?), Hangman I (dies in this story), Shield
Supporting Characters: Lori, Thelma Dickering, Naija (in flashback; dies in this story)
Other Characters: Flavius (in flashback), Timmy Carpenter (last appearance)
Villains: Mecks (in flashback; destroyed in this story), Mrs. Carpenter (last appearance)
Comment: This story explains how the Comet survived his apparent death in PEP COMICS #16.
Even though this series is billed as a six-part mini-series, this is the last published issue.
Synopsis: At his brother’s deathbed, the Comet relates how he was taken back to Altrox after being shot, was saved by their science, married, and lost his wife there to a robot attack.  Meanwhile, the Hangman’s son tries and fails to save a young patient from his mother’s abuse.