Created by:

S. M. Iger & Alex Blum

Real Name:

John Grayson

Joined Mighty Crusaders:

Captain Commando never joined the Mighty Crusaders.

First Appearance:

Pep Comics #30, August 1942


Navy Commander John Grayson dons the uniform of Captain Commando to fight the Nazi behind enemy lines inspiring the troops as well as the civilians at home.


Navy Commander John Grayson fights the Nazi behind enemy lines as Captain Commando, with help from the Boy Soldiers. The Boy Soldiers consist of his son Billy Grayson, Gerald Sykes from England, Armand De Latour from France, Erik Jansen from Norway and Flatbush from American.

Powers & Weapons:

Captain Commando is a highly trained soldier but has no superpowers.


MLJ Comics:

Pep Comics 30-65