Alexandra Cabot often overshadows the rest of the cast. She is the twin sister of Alexander Cabot III.
Alexandra has black hair with a white lightning-bolt shaped stripe running through the middle of it (her ponytail gives a slight impression of a skunk’s tail because of this stripe). In contrast to the good-natured girls in the Pussycats, Alexandra is cynical, hateful, mean, offensive, rude, scheming and self-centered. She is insanely jealous of the Pussycats (especially Josie, about whom she never has a kind word). Although Alexandra desperately wants to be the star of the band (and to rename it as “Alexandra’s Cool Time Cats”), she is talentless and can’t sing or play well at all.
Alexandra has a serious crush on Alan M., and often tries to steal him away from Josie. Although she is not particularly fond of her cowardly brother, Alexandra often joins forces with him to separate Alan M. and Josie (so that Alex can go for Josie and Alexandra can go for Alan M). While Alexander tends to irritate her with his cowardice and his other personality quirks, she has defended him on occasion, too. The animated version of Alexander doesn’t participate in his sister’s schemes to break up Josie and Alan.