Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 4
Intellect 7
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 9

*Extrasensory Perception 5
*Immortality 1
*Costume – Damage Resistance 4
*Dynamagno-Saw Ray Projector – Blast 5
*Gadgets 4

Athletics (+1 bonus), Science (Expert +2 bonus), Technology (Expert +2 bonus)

*Photographic memory
*Trained from youth to be a mental wizard
*Temporarily replaced by Hans Martz, the villainous Wizard


Ever since the founding of the United States of America, members of the Whitney family have served America and have helped the country in its hour of need. Among those members of the Whitney family who have served America include such notables as general Steven Whitney, who had helped cover General George Washington’s retreat from long island and cleared the way to Valley Forge; Capt. Ambrose Whitney, who was a Privateer Commander during the War of 1812; Major Thomas Whitney, who accepted Robert E. Lee’s saber at Appomattox Courthouse on behalf of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to end the Civil War; and James Whitney, a Federal Agent with the Bureau of Indian Affairs who signed a treaty with several tribes of Native Americans to put an end to a series of raids against white settlers. They were among the many members of the Whitney family to serve America at her darkest hour. Trained from youth to be a mental wizard, Blain possesses a photographic memory and supersensory perception, which allow him to tune into criminal activity – his mental acuity also allows him to slow the effects of aging on his body. His costume also made him invulnerable.

For a time, he was believed to have been killed and replaced by a Nazi sorcerer that adopted the title of The Wizard. Hans Martz was eventually defeated and Blain returned to action.