by Barry Reese


Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 7
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Stamina 12

*Immortality – Reincarnation (If The Shield dies, she will be return at some point in the next generation but with no memories)
*Damage Resistance 4
*Leaping 1
*Guns 4

Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Drive (+1 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Martial Arts (Expert +2 bonus), Military (Master +3 bonus), Sleight of Hand (+1 bonus), Stealth (+1 bonus), Weapons – Guns (Expert +2 bonus)

*Recurring memories of past lives
*America’s Symbol of Freedom
*It’s tough to live up to your own legacy


Victoria Adams was a rogue saboteur and guerilla soldier during the Revolutionary War in the late 1770s. She was eventually captured by British forces and turned over to the mysterious Burning Hand shadow society. Her death soon followed but this was not the end of her story – she was born again not long after… this happened over and over. Following each death, she would return in the next generation but without her prior memories. These memories would always come back to her over time but it often took many years.

She continued to resurface across the centuries, serving in every major armed conflict conducted by the United States of America. The legend of “America’s Shield” would go on to inspire Joe Higgin’s father and his experiments.

Victoria’s most recent return saw her get involved with the splinter black-ops cell Black Seven. After bringing down the agency from within, she was brought into M.L.J. by Director Higgins and made the head of the newest incarnation of the Mighty Crusaders. She is a powerful and deadly foe as she has access to all of her previous lives’ memories — the only problem is that sometimes these memories don’t always surface as easily as she might like.