By Richard Vasseur

Joe Higgins is the most patriotic version of the Shield. He is the original. This version is your classic super-hero.  He also appears later on as an old man running a new Crusaders team.

Joseph Higgins, this version is more of a solder. He is a more updated version of the Shield using nanotechnology.

Lancelot Strong here we see the powers in the man at their greatest for any version of the Shield.  His origin is similar to Superman’s in some aspects.

Bill Higgins is the son of the original Shield and he is not as powerful as him.

Michael Barnes was the Shield in a revamped version of him.

Victoria Adams is the first female Shield. Here we see a super-hero who is portrayed as human. With her and her teammates, you get more drama than any of the other versions.

The Shield in any incarnation has always being a hero.

The Shield is a patriotic man who symbolizes America at its finest. Through the decades the Shield has undergone changes even going from a man to a woman. The Shield is a hero everyone can look up to.

Nanotechnology was added for Joseph as a way of updating the Shield and bringing him into a more modern world. Lancelot now with him the mind was used to creating his powers and he was made extremely more powerful. Bill, we see as the son of Joe was carrying on the tradition. Michael was a more impactful version of the Shield. Victoria now she is the most real version of the Shield. With her you see her struggling to lead the team of the Crusaders. She has doubts and she at her core is just a woman doing the best she can.

The Shield is a person who stands up for the people. That is what truly makes the Shield a hero.