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Spider-Man & the Fly
Archie Comics’ cast of superhero characters seems to resurface every few years with a new take on them. I remember liking some of DC’s Impact comics line when they had ownership of the characters many years back. The Fly stood out to me as it was my introduction to the great artwork of the late Mike Parobeck. It looks like the Crusaders are back in yet another incarnation, and I quite like the new designs – more on that tomorrow because this story will be continued then…
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Todd McFarland & Steve Butler
On sale December 18, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday, the Red Circle/Archie line of superheroes have gone through multiple incarnations throughout the years. The latest version of the New Crusaders by Ian Flynn and Ben Bates looks to be pretty appealing to old-school comics fans. I especially like the designs of the characters, particularly The Shield and Fly-Girl. Fly-Girl is the daughter of the original Flygirl, a character that has been around for decades. She has a great superhero name that works even better today than when it was originally conceived. I am hoping that this version of Fly-Girl and the rest of the Crusaders can find a solid following because they really deserve the chance to thrive.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Ben Bates
On sale December 19, 2012


Captain America & the Shield
I hope everyone is having a happy 4th of July today (regardless of where you come from). The town I live in has fireworks just a few blocks away, so all I needed to do was pull up a chair to my window and watch them go off last night, it was a blast (in more ways than one)! Anyway, I thought today would be a good time to feature a double dose of Jack Kirby flag-bearing heroes.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Jack Kirby
On sale July 4, 2013


Superman’s Silver Age tales could be very hokey, but there is an undeniable charm to them. I loved all of the high-concept ideas that sprung from the world of Krypton. The Bottle City of Kandor was one such cool concept and the idea that Superman had a second super-heroic identity there just made it more fun.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Chris Weston & Jamal Igle
On sale May 14, 2014


Insects Incorporated!
Even though I took my super-heroes very seriously when I was growing up, I did enjoy it when comic companies were able to poke fun at themselves. Marvel’s Not Brand Ecch and the all-humor issue of What If? were fun reads. DC had Ambush Bug to point out the absurdities of a life in the DCU and as a comic character in general. I always got a kick out of his appearances and I loved watching Henry Winkler voicing him in the final episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Has he been back in comics recently? I’d love to see the Bug’s reaction to the New 52.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Keith Giffen
On sale December 27, 2014


It sounds like DC has listened to some of it’s older fans and certain elements of the DCU will be returning with the upcoming Rebirth event, including the classic Justice Society members. The new title is still going to be called Earth 2 though, so I have a feeling the original JSA’ers are going to somehow be woven in with the New 52 versions, rather than getting a spotlight all to themselves. Whatever happens, it will be good to see characters like Ted Grant have a place to call home once again.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Mike Parobeck & Dean Haspiel
On sale February 22, 2016


When I was a kid I wondered why characters like Jughead Jones or Dagwood Bumstead were depicted so lean and lanky despite how often they were shown chowing down on burgers or giant sandwiches. The answer was clear of course – they burned off all of those extra calories by fighting crime as costumed vigilantes in their spare time! It all makes sense now.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Paul Fung Jr.
On sale May 16, 2016


The Fox and The Crow
I had been hearing about a theatrical return of The Crow for a while, but the rumors seem to have stopped so I don’t know if it is still in the planning stages. I enjoyed the first film, which was ahead of it’s time in a lot of ways, and hope that a new project gets underway soon.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: Dirk Shearer & Simon Davis
On sale March 31, 2017


I am surprised we have not seen more footage from Black Panther. Lots of photos of the characters have been floating around, but no sign of a full-length trailer yet. I suppose that Marvel wants to get past the release of Thor: Ragnarok before they swing into full Black Panther publicity mode. With the film opening in early February, I am sure they hype will begin sometime soon.
Story: Ross Pearsall
Art: George Klein, John Buscema & Mike Cavallaro
On sale September 28, 2017