Ross Pearsall has a wonderful blog Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! at The blog has thousands of mock team up coves in every combination, you could ever think of and he has been at it for 10 years. I love his work and Ross was nice enough to talk with me about his fandom and his process.

Shield G-Man Club: When did you discover comics?

Ross Pearsall: At a very young age.  I had older siblings so I can’t remember a time when there weren’t some comics around.

SGMC: Were your parents supportive of your reading comics?

Ross: They didn’t pay much attention to it.

SGMC: Which comics were your favorites?

Ross: Team up and Team books – Justice League of America, The Brave & the Bold, Marvel Two-In-One, Marvel Team-Up, Avengers, DC Comics Presents, that sort of thing.

SGMC: When did you discover the Mighty Crusaders?

Ross: I was aware of them but was mostly a Marvel and DC guy, so I didn’t read any of their exploits until the Impact Comics era.

SGMC: What attracted you to them?

Ross: Their integration into the DCU, but that never really materialized

SGMC: Who is your favorite Crusader?

Ross: I liked The Fly

SGMC: What made you start cutting up comic covers and recombining the images?

Ross: Boredom, I was making them for my own amusement before deciding to present the covers as a blog.

SGMC: How do you remove the unwanted parts of the cover?

Ross: I started with MS Paint and switched to Photoshop after a couple of years.  You can see a video tutorial in the middle of this interview: Ross Pearsall says ‘Super-Team Family Assemble!’

SGMC: Where did you get all the logos?

Ross: Same place as the images of the characters, from existing comics.  Once in a blue moon, I will have to create one on my own if a character does not have their own specific logo.

SGMC: How do you decide which characters to combine?

Ross: Either from suggestions, something I think would be exciting, interesting or funny, or sometimes I just see images that I think will go well together and work from there.

SGMC: How long does it take you to find the images, combine them and put it out for the world to see?

Ross: Depends on the complexity of the cover but generally 4-5 hours.

SGMC: Do you do one a day or do you stockpile a lot of covers at once and release them once a day?

Ross: I try to keep ahead of the blog in case I get too busy or have creator’s block, to ensure a daily post.  So far, I’ve been able to keep up!

SGMC: How many covers have you done over the last 10 years?

Ross: Well, I posted 510 The Brave & the Bold and Marvel Two-In-One covers before starting the Super-Team Family Covers, which are sequential.  So at this writing, I have posted 3,342 covers.

SGMC: How do you not run out of ideas?

Ross: When the concept is anyone meets anyone, the possibilities are truly endless!

SGMC: In addition to the blog/Facebook/Twitter each day you also have a Patreon at What do people get on the Patreon?

Ross: I have to be careful about that because while I create new content, I am using existing images and characters that I do not own.  So I can’t ever sell images of my work on T-shirts or things like that.  I don’t know the red tape about offering Patreon incentives because of that either, so it’s strictly for folks who want to support the blog on a voluntary basis, and ensure that it continues.  I do try to give Patrons special considerations if they have team-up requests.

SGMC: Do you take requests?

Ross: Yes and I get many.  I don’t respond to them all because the answer is always the same – Maybe if I can figure out a good idea and find the images to make it work – but I do take notes and try to make some requests a reality.  Like I said above, Patrons get special consideration.  And if you absolutely need me to drop everything and make a mash-up from your Idea, I do commissions for $300 each.