Created by: Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig, and David Williams

Real Name: Victoria Adams

Joined Mighty Crusaders: Mighty Crusaders (vol. 4) #1

First Appearance: The Shield (vol. 2) #1 December 2015

Origin: Victoria Adams was a rogue saboteur and guerilla soldier during the Revolutionary War in the late 1770s. She was eventually captured by British forces and turned over to the mysterious Burning Hand shadow society.

She continued to resurface across the centuries, serving in every major armed conflict conducted by the United States of America. The legend of “America’s Shield” would go on to inspire Joe Higgin’s father and his experiments.

Victoria’s most recent return saw her get involved with the splinter black-ops cell Black Seven. After bringing down the agency from within, she was brought into M.L.J. by Director Higgins and made the head of the newest incarnation of the Mighty Crusaders.

Super-human athleticism
Super strength

Dark Circle Comics:
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The Shield #1-4
The Shield TPB
The Mighty Crusaders (vol. 4) #1-4
Archie 28 (cameo)