Mighty Crusaders #1 Laser-Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re into puzzles and happen to be a comic book fan, welcome to a slice of heaven; I make these just for you.

You’re looking at a Puzzled Comic, a wooden jigsaw puzzle crafted from a genuine comic book cover. That’s right—it’s a real comic cover…the image on this puzzle isn’t a reproduction, it’s the actual cover of a comic book. It gets even better: the leftover comic book is shipped with the puzzle as proof of authenticity.

The assembled puzzle is secured in a custom cardboard frame and, along with the original comic, is shipped to you in tailor-made packaging. It arrives ready to enjoy or gift to someone incredibly lucky.

The Mighty Crusaders, Issue #1
Published in Mar 1983 by Red Circle / Archie

Cover Art by Rich Buckler

150 pieces

Approx. 6½ x 10 inches and 3.75 mm or ⅐ of an inch thick

Choking Hazard – Contains small parts. Not safe for children under 3 years.

I only create puzzles using affordable comic books. I’d never cut up a highly-graded collectible issue. I choose covers solely based on their graphic appeal and color contrast. Puzzle prices vary according to the number of puzzle pieces and the uniqueness of the cut; the collectibility of a comic has no bearing on the price.

The cover is trimmed, flattened, and thoroughly cleaned. It’s then laminated and carefully mounted onto a composite wood panel using permanent archival adhesive. The mounted comic cover is laser-cut using exclusive puzzle patterns which I design, featuring fully-interlocking matrixes with unique joinery.

I regularly randomize the puzzle matrix to ensure each puzzle receives a unique pattern. Available matrixes range from old-fashioned grids to more-challenging diagonal patterns, and spiral puzzles you’ve possibly never seen before. I often add effects to the matrixes, such as bubbles, pinches, or waves, to enhance the puzzle and make the assembly more challenging.

I have a growing selection of puzzles in my Etsy shop with comic covers for all tastes and ages. I’ll also be regularly attending craft fairs all over the California Bay Area. Please visit my shop for details.

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I am not affiliated with, or otherwise endorsed by, the publishers of the comic books used in the creation of my Puzzled Comics. My use of trademarked superhero names, the names of the artists who draw them, and their publishers, are only for descriptive purposes. I make no commercial claim to their use or suggest any kind of sponsorship or endorsement.