May 01, 2002

Is your MIGHTY CRUSADERS set missing an issue?

Don’t despair! Order the issue you need by writing to us at:

Archie Comics Entertainment, LLC
488 Main Avenue, Suite 300
Norwalk, CT 06851-1008

Black & white reproductions of the original comic issues in which your favorite MIGHTY CRUSADERS first appeared are now available:

1.The Black Hood
2.The Fly
3.The Shield
4.The Jaguar
5.Steel Sterling
6.Captain Flag
7.The Comet
8.Fly Girl
10.The Fox
11.Bob Phantom
12.The Wizard
13.The Hangman
14.The Web
16.Black Jack
17.Mr. Justice

We’ll send you a photocopy of your missing issue. Sure, you’ll miss out on the coloring — but you buy Archie Comics to read, and the photocopy captures every intriguing part of the story.

Copies cost $5.00 each (which includes shipping and handling — U.S. orders only). Please make checks payable to Archie Comics Entertainment, LLC