Mr. Justice
aka Prince James of England

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 7
Willpower 7

Stamina 10

*Astral Form 8 (Extras: As a ghost, Mr. Justice converts his physical form into an astral form – he does not leave any physical body behind)
*Cosmic Awareness 10 (Detection)
*Magic 8 (Extras: Mastery – Eldritch Blast)
*Flight 5

Occult (Expert +2 bonus)

“Your laws coddle wrongdoers! I am solely interested in… justice!”
Mysterious and Spooky
Protector of the Blue Ribbon


The hero known to many as “Mr. Justice” was born in the 11th Century as Prince James of England. Murdered in Scotland during the Rogers Rebellion, his spirit haunted the castle where he was slain.

Hundreds of years later the castle was transplanted to the United States, disturbing the angry spirit within. A stranger to both the land and the time period, James’s vengeful ghost was molded by the theatrics of the new superhero era.

For a time he served among the Mighty Crusaders and took the name “Mr. Justice.” He was known as being more harsh in dispensing justice than many of his heroic counterparts, sometimes simply disintegrating his enemies rather than turn them in to what he saw an overly-soft legal system.

After years of combating supervillains and ethereal threats, Mr. Justice was key in defeating the Brain Emperor – seemingly sacrificing himself in the process.

The truth is that he had grown weary of the fleeting affairs of mortals. With his spirit calmed and tempered, he caught a glimpse of something more – the thread that binds all realities together. He set out to explore the “Blue Ribbon”, the thread that connects the multiverse… when last seen, he was looking over all the various permutations that the Crusaders had taken over the decades.