You were the inker for all 6 issues of Crucible, and the first two covers.  Did you work on any other Impact Comics projects?

No, that’s it, and inking a card for insert in one of the other books. That is all I did for that line, I came around when the line was on its way out.

Do you remember which card, and who pencilled it?

It was the spider guy, Arachnus, pencilled by Joe Q. and I think that was done for Mike Golden when he was editor at D.C. comics

You inked Chuck Wojtkiewicz and Joe Quesada on the items mentioned in question #1.  Which did you find to be easier to ink?

Joe was easier because I was used to his work, working on Chuck was a learning process at the time and I feel I got better as each issue went on over him. He really is a very detailed oriented artist. I wonder what he is doing now?

As the inker, did you have any input into the creative process of the final Impact Comics series, or did you just ink the pages as they showed up?

I just inked them as they showed up, I trusted the whole team on the project to do a killer job. Its when I first became friends with Waid and Augustyn and the editor of the series, Jim Owsley.

What were your thoughts on the Impact Comics line, as a whole, or individually (if you really had favorites of the titles), or were you really indifferent to the whole thing until the Crucible series?

Well, I thought it was aimed at a younger audience, and you can correct me if I am wrong. I never read the other titles at the time and had little interest in them because even as a kid, I remembered them from Archie comics. I probably missed some good comics there, but everything comes around eventually I’m sure.