You drew two Impact Comics trading cards (Black Hood and Arachnus), who contacted you regarding that and your other Impact work? (Michael Golden, perhaps?)

It was Michael who contacted me.  Mike inked the Hood and he may have inked Arachnus as well but I can’t remember.

(Interviewer’s note: Jimmy Palmiotti inked the Arachnus card, see his interview here)

You are listed as “layouts” artist for the first 4 issues of Crucible. What did this entail, and why were you unable to be full penciller as apparently planned? (rumor says it was a ploy to get your name on the book, this the case?)

That’s pretty much what it was.  Owsley is a great friend of mine and he begged me to be involved so I got involved. I told him that the best I could do was maybe layouts for the first issue or two, I lasted four.  The layouts were very loose figure drawings that showed the pencil artist basic camera angles and so forth.