On July 19, 2001, Brad Started MightyMLJ.com. It was started because of his love for the Impact comics of the ’90s. Not only was it filled with information about the heroes, but he and a team of fans also had a Yahoo Group MightyFanFic that created new stories about the Mighty Crusaders. The stories were featured on the MightyMLJ site.

On May 14, 2003, Brad gave me his site, it was a gift, he asked for nothing in return.

Unfortunately, by July, I ran out of space and wanted to upgrade the site to a larger site. I contacted the domain host to increase the size of the site only to discovered I couldn’t because I didn’t own the WHOIS and without that they wouldn’t let me expand the site, so I opened MightyCrusaders.net.

On July 18, 2004, the WHOIS will expire for MightyMLJ and neither I nor Brad has the codes to access it.

I will continue the work Brad started on MightMLj.com at MightyCrusaders.net which will be a merger of my Shield site, his Mighty MLJ, and Scott Martin’s Mighty Crusaders Handbook.

Brad originally purchased mightycrusaders.com but turned the URL over to Archie Comics and changed the name to Mighty MLJ after Archie requested the URL from him. Going forward I will use the URL mightycrusaders.net and call it the Mighty Crusaders Network to emphasize the .net so people don’t end up on the Archie Comic site by mistake.

This has all been a lot of fun, thanks, Brad.