Created by:

Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

Real Name:

Thomas Troy

Joined Mighty Crusaders:

Adventures of the Fly #31

First Appearance:

Adventures of the Fly #1, August 1959


Young Tommy Troy sneaked into the attic of his employer, Mr. March, who was rumored to be a sorcerer. Stumbling upon an unusual ring, Tommy placed it on his finger and suddenly found himself face to face with Turan, emissary of the Fly People. Turan designated Tommy to be their champion, enabling him to wield all the powers of the lost fly race. By rubbing his magic ring, he was transformed into the mighty Fly.


Tommy Troy has fought crime since childhood as the Fly. As an adult, he continues the crusader to protect Captial City both as an attorney and as the masked crusader known as the Fly. He is aided in his quest for justice by his girlfriend Kim Brand, who joins him as Fly-Girl and the two were founding members of the Mighty Crusaders.


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