Created by:

Harry Shorten  & Warren “Bob” Wood

Real Name:

Harley Hudson

Joined Mighty Crusaders:

In an untold story prior to Archie’s Weird Mysteries #3

First Appearance:

Top-Notch Comics #8, September 1940


Harley Hudson, a biochemist, discovers a secret which lets him simulate the tremendous strength of insects.


Harley Hudson, a chemist/biologist/entomologist, is studying insects when he realizes that their strength and leaping ability, so much greater than their size, comes from their “wonderful muscular coordination.” So he models himself on them and soon gains the same abilities, which he puts to use in fighting crime. He has superhuman strength and leaping ability.

Powers & Weapons:

 Firefly is the first of a long line of Super Heroes with Insect powers.

He has the power of a Firefly including luminescence.


MLJ Comics:

Top-Notch Comics 8-27

Mighty & Radio Comics:

Mighty Crusaders 4

Red Circle & Archie Comics:

Mighty Crusaders (vol. 2) 9

Archie’s Weird Mysteries 3, 14