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Mr. Justice

Mighty Comics No. 47
June 1967
Story: “Mr. Justice and the Cosmic Terror” (12 pages)
Editor: Richard Goldwater
Writer: Jerry Siegel
Artist: Paul Reinman
Feature Character: Mr. Justice (last appearance in MIGHTY CRUSADERS #5; next appears in BLUE RIBBON #2)
Villains: The Force-Thing, the Geometricals (first and only appearance for all)
Comment: The information that Mr. Justice exists thanks to a Tibetian cape and cannot safely remain out of Paul Morse’s body for more than 24 hours is at variance with the original Mr. Justice’s legend.
Synopsis: Mr. Justice must battle a malevolent force-being who emerges from a meteor on Earth.

The Fly No. 1
May 1983
Story: “The God Who Fell To Earth” (8 pages)
Editor: Rich Buckler
Artist: Trevor Von Eeden
Feature Character: Mr. Justice (last appearance in MIGHTY COMICS #47; next appears in BLUE RIBBON COMICS v. 2 #2)
Supporting Character: Commissioner Burke (first appearance; next appears in BLUE RIBBON COMICS v. 2 #2)
Villain: Rev. Prescott (a K’Nur; first and only appearance)
Synopsis: Mr. Justice investigates a religious cult whose young members commit suicide.

Blue Ribbon Comics V. 2 No. 2
November 1983
Cover: Mr. Justice vs. zombie //Rich Buckler (signed)
Story: [untitled] (30 pages)
Editor, co-plotter: Robin Snyder
Co-plotter, scripter: Bill DuBay
Penciller: Trevor Von Eeden
Inker: Alex Nino
Letterer: Bill Yoshida
Colorist: Barry Grossman
Feature Character: Mr. Justice (last appearance in THE FLY #1; next appears in MIGHTY CRUSADERS (2nd series) #9; origin retold)
Supporting Character: Commissioner Burke (last appearance in THE FLY #1; last appearance)
Intro: Samuels, Commissioner Burke, Melissa Shavers, Carol Shavers, Mr. Shavers (only appearance for all), Lisa Burke (dies in this story)
Villains: Esmerelde, Eddie and his gang (first appearance for all; all die in this story), Hawkes, McDuff (both in flashback; first and only appearance for both), Malcolm, Angus, Seward, Mr. Justice’s brother (as zombies; first appearance for all; all destroyed in this story)
Synopsis: Mr. Justice must face a 500-year-old opponent who is out to destroy him.