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Real Name:
Rex Swift

Joined Mighty Crusaders:
Agent Swift is not a member of the Mighty Crusaders.

First Appearance:
Top-Notch Comics #1, December 1939

Rex Swift joined the U.S. Secret Service, and served as a field agent.

Secret Service agents receive the finest law enforcement training in the world. Rex Swift was initially sent to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia, where he was enrolled in the Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP). This course, designed to train new federal investigators in such areas as criminal law and investigative techniques, provides a general foundation for the agency-specific training to follow.

Upon successful completion of CITP, Agent Swift attend the Special Agent Training Course at the Secret Service Training Academy, Beltsville, Maryland. This course focuses on specific Secret Service policies and procedures associated with the dual responsibilities of investigations and protection. Agent Swift was provided with basic knowledge and advanced application training in combating counterfeiting, access device fraud and other financial criminal activity, protective intelligence investigations, physical protection techniques, protective advances and emergency medicine. The core curriculum is augmented with extensive firearms training, control tactics, water survival skills and physical fitness.

Agents Swift received continuous advanced training throughout their careers. Agent Swift was regularly provided with specialized training. In part, this training consists of regular firearms requalifications and emergency medicine refreshers. Agent Swift also participated in unique simulated crisis training scenarios called “AOP” or Attack on Principal. These exercises presented Agent Swift with a variety of “real world” emergency situations involving Secret Service protectees and are designed to provide agents with immediate feedback concerning their response to the problems.

Agent Swift was assigned to offices in the field which gave him the opportunity to acquire advanced training in the area of criminal investigations. Courses such as Fundamentals of Banking, Advanced Access Device Fraud, Questioned Documents, Undercover Operations, Telecommunications Fraud and Financial Institution Fraud were given at the Secret Service Training throughout the years. Agent Swift also was encouraged to attend training sessions sponsored by other law enforcement agencies.

Powers & Weapons:
Secret Service Agent who is master of disguise

MLJ Comics:
Top-Notch Comics 1-3