Prowess 3
Coordination 2
Strength 3
Intellect 2
Awareness 3
Willpower 3

Stamina 6

*Binding 5 (Limit: Range of touch)
*Wall-Crawling 3

Wrestling (Expert +2 bonus)

Sticky Fingers of Evil
I need more practice with these powers!
Comic Book Guy


Adhesive-Man was originally a non-powered, costumed fan at a comic book convention when the evil Eterno the Tyrant transformed him and several others into super-villain henchmen. His mummy-like wrappings secreted a powerful glue-like property, allowing him to wrap up his enemies and gain incredible wrestling abilities. Unfortunately, he was not overly skilled in the use of his powers and accidentally became stuck to a tree.

Unbelievably, no one has brought him back since his debut in Fly-Man # 32 (July 1965).