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There’s been a lot of news swirling around Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld of late – 30th anniversary covers for MarvelSnake Eyes at IDW, a brand-new superhero team no longer being launched by NFT, that eight-year-old Kickstarter that folk have definitely not forgotten about, and more, but something that may have slipped the mind of his fans (and retailers) is The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1, a one-shot coming in June, from Archie of all places. And just in time for the 4th of July as well.

But Rob is no stranger to patriotic heroes, having done notable work on not only Marvel’s Captain America, but the Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Fighting American character. I could be wrong, but he may be the only modern creator to get the triple crown when it comes to the three flag-waving heroes. And all those in the know are aware The Shield actually predated Captain America by a few months.

But in an era of massive media empires based on comic books, it should be interesting to see what he does with Archie’s dormant heroes – and how it generates interest beyond comic shop circles. Liefeld always gets a bit of buzz around him, even when just commenting on the recent Falcon & The Winter Soldier TV show.

Could this book be the kind of hit that kicks the door down for these characters in other media? Because Archie superhero properties, created alongside Marvel and DC Golden Age characters have not had the greatest of successes, even when DC Comics took them over for a while. Could this be the moment The Mighty Crusaders get reappraised? Liefeld’s track record is strong in that regard – with a number of his creations firmly entrenched in cinemas and television. His Robservations podcast has also given him a new platform to share his thoughts, too. Snake Eyes, his take on the silent GI Joe ninja character, exceeded IDW’s expectations for the book. Perhaps The Shield – and the other one-shots that follow – will prove to be an encore?

Initial orders are due to retailers this week, though FOC won’t be until the first week of June. And all orders placed then will be fully returnable to Archie Comics and Diamond. So there should be plenty to go around. Emphasis on the “should”.

(W) Rob Liefeld (A/CA) Rob Liefeld
FIRST ISSUE IN AN ALL-NEW SERIES OF MIGHTY CRUSADERS ONE-SHOTS BY ROB LIEFELD! Legendary, best-selling author and comic creator Rob Liefeld reimagines Archie’s iconic Mighty Crusaders library of characters in this new comic book series, starting with America’s first patriotic superhero: The Shield! In Shops: Jun 30, 2021 SRP: $3.99