Here’s a little something I thought I’d share with you guys. These are the pencil and ink versions of the cover I drew for the unpublished MLJ Superhero Who’s Who book back in 2007-2008. You can probably see where several editorial changes and additions were made to the image. This image actually saw print(kinda sorta) as a faded background image on the inside front cover of the first issue of the New Crusaders comic that Archie put out a couple of years ago. This whole project was a lot of fun to do, and I was really excited about seeing it come out. Unfortunately, it didn’t get published due to DC Comics acquiring the characters around the time of the book’s completion. Such is the way of things in this crazy business. I’m just glad I can share this stuff with folks who really appreciate these characters. If anyone is interested, I’ll post more of the interior art when I find it.
Steve Butler