Joseph Mitchell Higgins
First Appearance:
Legend of the Shield #1,
July 1991
Joe Higgins, was a career officer in the U.S. Army, one of the most highly decorated servicemen of his time. His father, Brigadier General Marion Higgins, the Commanding Officer of America’s Air Reconnaissance and Military Strike installation, had staked his entire Army career on the creation of a unique Suit of armor that could turn its wearer into America’s mightiest secret weapon. General Higgins, inspired by the exploits of the Shield, the long-vanished star-spangled champion active during the ’50s and ’60s, made it his self-appointed mission to recreate this symbol of patriotic liberty around a soldier who would unknowingly serve as his puppet, setting his sights on Joe, he realized that his son was, physically and psychologically, the perfect candidate for Project: Shield, but Joe’s high rank precluded him from involvement, General Higgins took care of that by secretly framing and disgracing Joe, arranging for a court-martial that busted him to Sergeant and allowed Joe to undergo the year long training that culminated in his role as the new Shield.
Crucible 6
Crusaders 1-3, 8
Legend of the Shield 1-12, 15-16, Annual 1