Journey back to the Silver Age of Comics– a period that re-defined and shaped the course of super-hero comic books for years to come! Coming out of the late 1950s, super-hero comics had fallen out of favor. The top sellers of the day were western, romance and humor comics-including the exploits of Archie and his friends. But change was in the air… DC Comics revamped classic heroes like The Flash and Green Lantern… Marvel Comics got on the map with milestone creations like Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four… and Archie Comics contributed to the renaissance, too!

Hiring Joe Simon and Jack Kirby to revamp their Golden Age Shield character (which they re-named Private Strong) and to create new characters like The Fly, Archie launched their “Archie Adventure” line, which would soon change to “Mighty Comics.” Those characters were soon joined by The Jaguar. Ultimately, these heroes as well as some golden age heroes who were resurrected for guest appearances caught the fancy of readers. The success of “super-teams” like the Justice League of America and The Avengers was not lost on the editors at Archie Comics, nor was the phenomenom of the tongue-in-cheek Adam West “Batman” series. Taking their cues from the popular Marvel and DC titles and mixing in liberal dose of camp and satire a la Adam West, Archie came up with it’s own brand of “Mighty” heroes. The result: a pop-art explosion!

Now you can relive those heady days as some of the wildest heroes in the history of comic books unite to form one of the most beloved super-teams of the Sixties: The Shield! The Black Hood! The Comet! The Fly! Fly Girl! Witness the excitement as this intrepid team of heroes meet, fight super-villains as well as each other, come up with a name for their team and even recruit new members! It’s all here in this colorful collection reprinting classic stories from originally appearing in FLY-MAN #31, #32 and #33 as well as MIGHTY CRUSADERS #1. These titanic 1965 tales are courtesy of such comic book legends as writer (and Superman co-creator) Jerry Siegal and artist Paul Reinman (Spider-Man). Features a cover by fan-favorite Joe Staton, painstaking restoration of all stories and faithful recoloring. Includes a foreword by movie producer Michael Uslan and Robert Klein.

THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS: ORIGIN OF A SUPER-TEAM, 96-page, full color paperback format, $12.95. Ships November 5th.