Created by:

Joe Blair & Paul Reinman

Real Name:

Frank Verrano – unconfirmed

First Appearance:

Zip #10, January 1941

First DC Appearance:
Superman #688, July 2009 (1-page cameo)

The mysterious stranger was brought into the hospital with one name on his lips: “Frank Verrano.” He has no memory of who he was, where he came from, or how he could possibly be the only survivor of a bombing attack on a cruise liner that killed hundreds of people.

Able to change into a superhuman form, Inferno can create and project intense flame and he is able to use this to burn his way through steel doors and walls and can melt bullets before they reach him. He is immune to the effects of his own flame. He may have above-human ability to withstand physical trauma given the circumstances of his of his appearance in the hospital and that he was quickly able to become physically active again.

No other talents are known


Appears to require transformation to access super-powers. Amnesiac.

Superman #688, July 2009 (1 page cameo)
The Red Circle: Hangman #1, August 2009 (1 page cameo)
The Red Circle: Inferno #1, October 2009 (full appearance)
The Red Circle: Shield #1, October 2009 (1 page cameo)
Shield #1, November 2009
Shield #2, December 2009
Shield #3, January 2010
Shield #4, February 2010
Shield #5, March 2010
Shield #6, April 2010
Mighty Crusaders Special, July 2010
Web #10, August 2010 (Cameo)