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Date: Thursday, December 04, 2003 14:55:14
To: Rik@MightyMLJ.com
Subject: Greetings

I recently reviewed your web site and thought I’d drop you an e-mail. I am Harry Shorten’s eldest grandson. I knew about his involvement with Archie comics (I had always been told that he was the creator, but I think that someone else has taken credit for it, maybe Jon Goldwater?) However, I never knew anything about Shield Action Comics. It was certainly interesting to learn about this comic series and my grandfather’s contributions to it. Thanks for keeping his memory alive on the web!


Robert L. Lemle

From: Rik@MightyMLJ.com
Date: Friday, December 05, 2003 05:19:14
To: xxxxxxx@xxxxx.com
Subject: Re: Greetings


I would love any Biographical information about your Grandfather and if I could get a scan of a photo I would put that up at the site as well.


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Date: Saturday, January 24, 2004 15:56:50
To: Rik@MightyMLJ.com
Subject: Harry Shorten bio


Here’s a bio that I’ve worked up on my grandpa…feel free to edit as you see fit. I will e-mail you a picture as soon as I’ve had an opportunity to scan one in. Remember, if you need to contact me, you can do so at:

Harry Shorten (1914-1991) Born to Russian/Polish immigrants, Joseph and Leah Shorten in NY, NY. Attended Thomas Jefferson H.S. and New York University in the early 30’s, where he starred as a halfback for their football team. Nicknamed “Streaky.” Married to Rose Sadoff. Children Linda and Sue. Grandchildren Robert and Laura Lemle and Andrew and Jonathan Proctor.

After a brief professional football career, he began a career in writing and publishing. His first published book was “How to Watch a Football Game,” a guide for husbands to assist them in teaching their wives the finer points of sharing their interest.

In addition to being the creative force behind The Shield and Archie comics, he created Tippy Teen comics and the feature There Outta Be a Law (with partner Al Fagley). In the early ’60’s, he founded Midwood Towers Publication, publishing paperback pocketbooks and Afternoon TV Magazine. In the early ’70’s, he created the Daytime TV Soap Awards, honoring the daytime drama actors of the time.