You were the cover artist for the Impact Comics annual issues, right?

You’re the first person who’s ever brought up those covers! (Laughs)

How did this come about?

I did work for Impact on those covers, mostly thanks to Michael Golden who was editing those books at the time. That was the one and only time I worked with Mike and we hit if off really well. I enjoyed working with him on that. I did see him a few years ago while he was at Marvel and enjoyed hanging out shooting the breeze with him about art and comics, etc. He’s a really great guy.

Did you follow the books at all?

I have to say, I have no real knowledge of those characters at all.

Really? none at all?

I was just working from style guides basically.

So, you wouldn’t have anything to share about the titles themselves, right?

I don’t think I would have any insights to impart to you about the line at all.

Well, how did the cover design–all 6 working together–come about. Your idea?

It was Mike’s idea to set them up so that if you took all six covers and put them together they’d make the one giant image.

Well, thanks, George!

I hope you have the best of luck trying to locate everyone and that your web page is a success!