A pert, freckled girl with the unusual ability to smell money. Cricket O’Dell could even tell exactly how much cash a person had on him or her, and detect counterfeit money. Her nose can also determine whether treasure is genuine or not. This character, introduced in the 1960s, proved to have an extremely limited use and faded from view in short order. However, she would later begin appearing again. She has appeared sporadically since then as if she often moves in and out of the cast. During the 1960s, she appeared in the mainstream stories as well as the pre-Pussycats Josie series. In one story, Alexandra Cabot used Cricket’s ability to her advantage. Cricket soon disappeared from the comics but was later brought back into view. Like a number of other characters, her appearances are far-between, but she has yet to be officially retired. Jason Blossom, one of the snobs at Pembrooke Academy, thought of her as something of a novelty in one episode and brought her to meet his frat brothers. In that story the joke was on Jason as the overwhelming aroma of money knocked her out cold and burned her nostrils, thus ruining Jason’s planned performance. Although she and Archie both have red hair and freckles, it is unlikely that they are related. In her initial appearances, she not only could smell money; she was in love with it. She would fall in love any boy who had money, and once suspected Archie to be one of them because he dated Veronica Lodge. Her crush ended quickly when Archie said “I’m practically a pauper” and she would turn her attention to other men with money, but this very brief crush proved that they are not cousins. Nowadays, she is not portrayed as so crazy about money; she simply has the ability to smell it.