Created by: Mark Waid and Tom Lyle
First Appearance: Comet #1 July 1991
Secret Identity: Robert Alan Connors


Rob Connors’ parents were working in a laboratory in a remote part of Alaska. Rob went to visit them, only to find the lab destroyed. Seeking to summon assistance, he trued to repair the lab’s damaged radio antenna, but it collapsed on him. There was an explosion of light and energy, which somehow granted him superhuman powers. Returning to civilization, Rob became the Comet, a costumed hero.

It was later revealed that Rob’s body was being held in stasis by some aliens, and that somehow he switched brains with one of the aliens, so he believed himself to be the actual Rob Connors, and didn’t realize he was the alien until next to the last issue of the series…died as a villain in Crucible 6