ARCHIBALD “ARCHIE” ANDREWS, Archie Andrews is the prototypical all-American teenager. With his signature red hair, freckles and eternal optimism, Archie is the protagonist of the Archie Comics Universe and center of a love triangle with his two girlfriends, Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper. Archie is always affable, exhibits equal amounts of courage and selflessness, and is a very loyal friend to close pal, Jughead Jones. A classic “underdog” persona, Archie often comes out on top of a situation even when it looks like the odds are against him. Which is fortunate, as being a bit of a bumbler, things don’t always go smoothly. Just ask the chemistry teacher! Archie lives with his parents, Fred and Mary Andrews. When it’s drivable, he cruises around in a car that looks like a Ford Mustang from the 1960’s. He’s a good (not great) student (tardiness and girl-watching see to that), an enthusiastic (but not top-notch) athlete, and a very responsible son… most of the time. But Archie really loses his common sense when dealing with Betty and Veronica. While Archie seems more suited to the down-to-earth Betty, he can’t keep his mind off of Veronica, the flashier and more manipulative of the two girls. Archie takes his music very seriously as the leader of his own teen rock group, The Archies, in which he plays guitar and sings lead vocals. For over 65 years, Archie has been an enduring symbol of the classic American teenager. Forever 16, whether the bumbler or the ladies man, Archie finds friends in millions of readers of all ages throughout the world.
  ELIZABETH “BETTY” COOPER, Betty Cooper is the girl next door. She is your average small-town girl; blonde hair, blue eyes, very sweet, pretty and earnest. Betty is always ready to have fun, especially where Archie is concerned. Besides having fun, Betty always finds time to do her studying and enjoys writing in her diary. In addition to her concern for the environment and other social issues, Betty’s goal is to become a famous writer. She is good at sports, can repair cars, is artistic and can make her own clothes. Betty does well in school and loves children. She has a sister named Polly and a brother named Chic. Betty is the youngest of the three siblings. Betty also sings with The Archies band and plays the tambourine. She is extremely devoted to Archie but is most often playing second fiddle to her best friend and rival, Veronica, for his affections. Betty is generally even-keeled, but the ongoing drama of competing with Veronica for Archie can make her very emotional. She has been known to write tear-stained entries in her diary over Archie, and to be pushed so hard by Veronica that it gets her ire up, strengthening her resolve to win Archie over that much more and providing the adrenaline rush needed to successfully combat Veronica’s crafty schemes. Through every crazy, loving scheme to win Archie’s love, Betty always remains completely unaffected, loyal and sweet.
  VERONICA “RONNIE” LODGE, Veronica Lodge is Riverdale’s resident rich girl and brunette bombshell. The girl who has almost everything: great looks, money, charm and some of the time… Archie Andrews. You see, Archie is constantly torn between Betty and her “I’ll do anything for you” qualities and Veronica’s irresistible femme fatale persona. Veronica is actually both a rival and a best friend to Betty Cooper. It all depends on how Archie figures in on the equation. If Archie isn’t involved, Betty and Veronica tend to agree on many things, despite the fact that Veronica is from a much more privileged background. Her father, Hiram Lodge, is a self-made multi-millionaire industrialist and venture capitalist who seems to give his only daughter pretty much everything she wants or needs. But he can’t give her Archie! …And wouldn’t if he could. However, Veronica is part of the classic love triangle between Archie and Betty. Now, in spite of the fact that Veronica has the ability to buy her way in and out of a lot of situations, she knows full well that there are some things money can’t buy. Veronica performs okay in school, but she’s not nearly the Honors Student that Betty is, which is somewhat of an annoyance to Veronica. Veronica does manage to “one-up” Betty when it comes to Archie– but the two girls can never stay mad at one another for long. Veronica plays keyboard in The Archies group and is a very talented dancer as well. Veronica lives in a mansion and seems much older than her 16 years. She has traveled around the world and is the only member of the Archie gang who has really spent a lot of time outside of Riverdale. Always beautiful, always immaculately dressed and styled, Veronica, is a fantasy character for a lot of young readers. Girls want to be like her and boys want to date her– or at least be friends with her! Something exciting is always happening with Veronica and visiting her huge mansion is like a trip to an amusement park!
  FORSYTHE PENDLETON “JUGHEAD” JONES III, Seemingly simplistic, Jughead’s personality is actually very complex– there’s always more to him than meets the eye. The offbeat, eccentric pal of Archie, Jughead is self-confident and never worries about what others think of the way he acts or dresses. He’s just being himself, doing things his own way! Because he doesn’t follow the pack, Jughead (a.k.a. Forsythe P. Jones) is seen by some as an outcast. However, his true friends, Archie and Betty, understand him and love him for who he is. At times, Jughead also functions as Archie’s conscience, particularly when Archie is in a dilemma over having to choose between Betty or Veronica. Yet, Jughead himself is not too interested in girls, especially when he sees what Archie goes through. He prefers keeping a low profile, especially when it comes to work. He is not a great student but is still very, very smart. Instead, Jughead would rather march to his own beat as the drummer for The Archies and eat hamburgers at his favorite hangout, Pop Tate’s Chocklit Shoppe. Jughead often acts as a “Greek Chorus,” content to watch the action from the sidelines instead of getting directly involved, except to make snide comments. He is completely savvy in almost any situation, which makes him even smarter than the book-smart Dilton in most cases. He takes particular delight in outwitting Reggie at his own schemes. Jughead is clever, resourceful, and inventive, often able to resolve problems as if he had magical powers. He enjoys watching cooking shows, listening to jazz, reading comic books and taking long afternoon naps. He has a loyal and loveable dog named “Hot Dog” and a baby sister, “Jellybean.” Her real name is Forsythia.
  REGINALD “REGGIE” MANTLE, Reggie Mantle is the ultimate wise guy. Self-absorbed, handsome, a good athlete, Reggie aggravates Archie by outsmarting him, or by stealing Veronica away… for the moment! Reggie is really the antagonist to Archie’s protagonist character. He is the opposite of Archie in so many ways. Reggie is not benevolent like Archie, and he’s not willing to help unless there’s something in it for him. Modesty is not his strong suit… he’ll be the first to tell you how handsome, athletic and “great” he is! Reggie has much more money than Archie, but most of it is spent on Reggie’s favorite person… Reggie Mantle! Reggie is a very popular guy at Riverdale High, but not always for the best of reasons– he’s famous for playing practical jokes. Reggie is the lead guitarist for The Archies and fans go nuts for his wild solos. Not content to date one girl for very long, Reggie is usually trying to get back in Veronica’s good graces after he angers her. He also has a fatal attraction to Midge Clump – fatal because her boyfriend is the ultra-strong, mega-jealous jock Big Moose! He is an independent spirit and thinker. Reggie will probably grow up to run a major corporation– that or he’ll be a used-car salesman.

Parents of the main characters

  MR. FREDERICK “FRED” ANDREWS: Archie’s parents are living the adventure of a lifetime just by being Archie’s parents!  Fred is the long-suffering “bad cop” at the tail end of a barrage of mayhem from Archie, be it the trouble he causes at school, work, at the Lodge Mansion, etc., it’s Fred who has to deal with the trail of angry faculty members, bosses and girlfriends’ fathers that Archie leaves in his wake.  Archie’s father is sharp-tempered, but a soft heart beats beneath his gruff exterior.  He looks like a typical middle-aged businessman who would lead a comparatively quiet and peaceful life were it not for Archie who is perpetually getting him into trouble with his pranks.
  MRS. MARY ANDREWS: Archie’s parents are living the adventure of a lifetime just by being Archie’s parents!  Mary is a good-natured Mom, always ready to give Archie the benefit of the doubt and doting on him like any mother would.  She acts as the valve on the head of steam in the Andrews family; she keeps all the explosions under control.
  MR. HAL COOPER, Betty’s middle-class but hard-working father who works as a druggist.
  MRS. ALICE COOPER, Betty’s caring, highly supportive mother who is a close friend of Mary Andrews and Hermione Lodge.
MR. HIRAM LODGE: Originally a Boston politician with the first name Burton in his first appearance from 1942, Veronica’s father Hiram is tall, handsome, very, very rich and dignified… dignified until Archie comes around.  Then the fireworks begin.  Archie always tries to be helpful, but somehow the roof always caves in.  The wealthiest man in Riverdale, it is Mr. Lodge’s industries that keep the town running.  Sometimes this gets him in trouble with environmental groups, although in recent years he’s done all he can to make sure his endeavors are “eco-friendly.”  Mr. Lodge loves Veronica beyond words but is no fan of her non-stop spending, conceited nature or choice of Archie as a boyfriend.
  MRS. HERMIONE LODGE: Like Veronica, mother Hermione has very expensive tastes and likes the finer things in life, including exquisite jewelry, fine dining, and lavish vacations.  She can be snooty sometimes as well, and often takes Veronica’s side in arguments.
  MR. FORSYTHE PENDLETON JONES JR, Jughead’s father, who looks just like his son, only older and balding.
  MRS. GLADYS JONES, Jughead’s mother who mainly stays home to take care of her daughter.
  MR. REGINALD “RICKY” MANTLE JR., Reggie’s father who owns the town newspaper the Riverdale Gazette.
  MRS. VICTORIA “VICKY” MANTLE, Reggie’s mother who mainly stays home to take care of her family.

The Expanded Archie Gang

KEVIN KELLER: Kevin is the new kid in town. He is friends with Jughead and Veronica and is the first openly gay Archie character.
MOOSE MASON: Moose made his first appearance in ARCHIE’S PAL JUGHEAD #1 (1949).  While his last name in his first story was “McGee,” not “Mason,” and his girlfriend was “Lottie Little,” not “Midge Klump,” his appearance as well as his jealous nature are very similar, if not identical, to the Moose we know today.  What Moose lacks in brains he makes up for in brawn, and beware the fool that dares to “look” at his gal, Midge!  He’s not above slugging anyone he suspects of flirting with Midge.
  MIDGE KLUMP: Midge made her first appearance in ARCHIE’S PAL JUGHEAD #1 (1949).  In her first story, she was “Lottie Little,” not “Midge Klump,”. Midge vacillates between being flattered that Moose loves her so much and being appalled at his jealousy and obsessive nature.  She knows that part of Moose’s frustrations stems from his dyslexia and that he’s really a caring guy inside.  Just ask his best pal, Dilton.  Moose is also an All-American athlete.  Still, Midge can’t help flirting with Reggie from time to time, which leads to big trouble!  Midge loves to shop and is pals with Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Nancy… although Veronica’s constant bragging often grates on her nerves!
  DILTON DONALD DOILEY: Like Big Ethel, Dilton was one of those characters who gradually evolved over time.  As early as ARCHIE COMICS #1 (Winter, 1942), we see a panel featuring “one of those typical quiz kids.”  Although it is only a 3/4 view and the character is blonde, he is clearly the spitting image of Dilton.  In fact, characters who look like Dilton appear throughout the 1940s, most unnamed.  That all changes in 1950, when he is officially christened “Dilton” in the 6-page story, “The Goose Hangs High” from PEP COMICS #78 (March 1950).  His character is further defined later that year in a 7-page story that showcases Dilton, called “The Quiz Kid,” from ARCHIE COMICS #45 (July-August, 1950).  Dilton is the most “book-smart” of the Riverdale teens, a science and math whiz who can seemingly build nearly any gadget needed for any purpose.
  BIG ETHEL MUGGS:  (earlier Ethel Dinklehof), Ethel evolved out of several “homely” characters that were typical in 1940s comic books.  Her main predecessor was a girl named Ophelia.  Ethel is forever chasing after Jughead, who she adores.  Jughead isn’t interested, although he does love her cooking and baking and will often date her just as a means to get to the goodies.  Over the years, Ethel’s appearance has softened so that she is a tall and at least averagely attractive girl.  More importantly, she is beautiful on the inside and always ready to hear others’ problems and help out as best she can.  She is friends with Betty, Veronica, Nancy, and Midge.
  CHARLES “CHUCK” CLAYTON: Chuck is an African-American pal of Archie’s.  An accomplished athlete and an even more accomplished cartoonist, Chuck is the son of one of Riverdale High’s most beloved coaches, Floyd Clayton.  In addition to sports and art, he enjoys studying his heritage.
  NANCY HARRIS: Nancy is an African-American and has an independent streak and interests of her own, including shopping and painting watercolors.  She’s a great student and not shy about showing off her smarts.  She is also very good friends with Betty, Veronica, Ethel, and Midge.

Riverdale High Faculty

  MR. WALDO WEATHERBEE: Yet another character who evolved over several appearances in the 1940s (and like Pop Tate, was actually thin once!), Waldo Weatherbee is the principal of Riverdale High School.  Mr. Weatherbee is heavy set, extremely pompous and not very cordial toward Archie, whom he regards as the bane of his existence.  His short-temperedness leaves him very little patience for Archie and Jughead and their pranks.  Mr. Weatherbee would like to have his school run smoothly, like the captain of a ship… except Archie and his friends seem to be constant icebergs and torpedoes!  Still, in all, he loves the school, his fellow faculty members, the town of Riverdale, and most of all Archie and his friends… after all, life would be boring without them!
  MISS GERALDINE GRUNDY: One of the teachers at Riverdale High.  She tends to be strict, but underneath it all, she is a good-natured person.  She is constantly at her wit’s end with the mischievous antics of Archie and his friends.
  PROFESSOR BENJAMIN FLUTESNOOT: science teacher in whose face Archie’s chemistry experiments blow up. He is also the band teacher in some stories.
  MISS HAGGLY: A very old-fashioned and strict teacher at Riverdale High; quite matronly.
  RITA SANCHEZ: Is a Hispanic lady, and a member of the Riverdale High staff.
  COACH KLEATS: He is the all-around coach for Riverdale High.  He is also high on the list of Archie’s “victims.”  However, Coach Kleats has that one sweet wonderful hope that someday Archie will graduate.
  COACH FLOYD CLAYTON, Chuck’s dad, a physical education teacher who is portrayed as warm and open to his students.
  MS. BERNICE BEAZLY: The school’s no-nonsense, loud, abrasive, wise-cracking, but good-hearted dietician, aka the head cook and hash slinger in the school cafeteria!  She doesn’t take lightly to criticism of her cooking by students or faculty; her menu is law.
  MR. SVENSON: Riverdale High’s “Maintenance Engineer,” aka “janitor!”  If something has to be fixed, patched, painted, cleaned or exterminated, he’s right there.  However, he has been known to misinterpret instructions.  He is very modest and prepared to “Yust be called the Yanitor!”

Jughead’s Supporting Characters

  THOMAS “POP” TATE: (earlier Leo Tate and Terry Tate) Pop was another one of those characters who evolved over the years until settling into his current incarnation.  For the record, his first appearance was in PEP COMICS #46 (February 1944).  After several false starts, Pop becomes the balding but dark-haired, mustachioed friend to the teens that everyone knows and loves.  He is very encouraging to them all, even though they often get on his nerves (especially Jughead).  At the end of the day, Pop loves and appreciates his best customers, and feels a tangible connection to the town through his relationship with the kids.
  JELLYBEAN JONES: Jughead’s baby sister.  She brings out the softer side of Jughead and leads him and her doting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, on many a madcap adventure.  In recent years she’s been depicted as a walking, talking toddler. Her real name is Forsythia.
  HOT DOG: Jughead’s dog Hot Dog is the sheepdog Jug has had since he was a boy.  Besides Archie, Hot Dog is Jughead’s best friend… and no wonder: he loves to sleep and eat as much as his owner!  Not the greatest watchdog, Hot Dog never the less does what he can to keep Jughead out of trouble.

Other Supporting Characters

CHERYL BLOSSOM: Cheryl originally burst upon the Archie universe in BETTY & VERONICA #320 (Oct. 1982).  Shaking things up on the beach, it was quite an auspicious debut.  However, it wasn’t until her fifth appearance in BETTY & VERONICA #322 (Feb. 1983) that she was formally introduced to Archie Andrews.  Cheryl continued to make appearances through 1984, then wasn’t seen again for another 10 years, when she returned in the landmark “Love Showdown” storyline.  In that epic tale, Archie received a mysterious love letter, propelling Betty and Veronica into a “once and for all” battle for Archie’s affections.  In the end, only one was left standing, and in a surprising move, Archie chose neither Betty nor Veronica, but the mysterious letter author instead: CHERYL BLOSSOM!
  JASON BLOSSOM: Cheryl’s brother Jason is as much of a snob as she is and as sneaky as Reggie, but when it comes to dating Riverdale’s lovelies like Betty and Veronica, he forgets his snobbish ways rather quickly to become Mr. Nice-Guy!
  CRICKET O’DELL: An amazing teen who can tell you exactly how much change you have just by using her nose—she can literally sniff out money!  She also appears in stories with Josie and her friends.
  JINX MALLOY, a scrawny teenager who spreads back luck to everyone around him.
  FRANKIE VALDEZ: Originally cocky and vain like Reggie, this Latino heartthrob has softened a bit and has been trying to break into the music business.
  MARIA RODRIGUEZ, Frankie’s girlfriend, and the daughter of former vice principal Mr. Rodriguez.
  GINGER LOPEZ: Fashion editor for “Jazzy” magazine as well as a model and fashion designer, Ginger comes from a family of affluent Latinos: her dad is a popular television chef and her mom is a famous animal trainer!
  WENDY “DOUBLE W” WEATHERBEE, Mr. Weatherbee’s niece, a quirky, eccentric individualist and the daughter of Mr. Weatherbee’s motorcycle-loving twin brother Tony.
  ADAM CHISHOLM, Archie’s main rival for Betty’s affections.
  BRIGITTE REILLY: A real go-getter with a beautiful voice and songwriting talent that is sure to get her far!  Brigitte occasionally dates Dilton Doiley.
TOMOKO  MORIZAWA YOSHIDO, a Japanese girl who works on the school paper. Tomoko has become fast friends with Betty and the other girls and has even joined their “goodwill girls” group.
  AKIRA YOSHIDO, a Japanese boy and Tomoko’s brother.
  CHIC COOPER, Betty’s older brother who works as a secret agent for the government.
  POLLY COOPER, Betty’s older sister who works in San Francisco as a television reporter.
  Leroy, Veronica’s Elementary School-age cousin; a troublemaker.
  MARCY, Veronica’s other cousin, a high school freshman, and a nerdy science fiction lover.
MS. PHILIPS, Mr. Weatherbee’s secretary.
  PATTON HOWITZER, Mr. Rodriguez’s successor and a former marine who still behaves militarily.
  TOÑO DÍAZ Toño was born in Mexico and assists his parents, Adrián and Rosa in their party planning business. He wants to become a great chef when he grows up.
  KUMI TAMURA A Japanese girl who moved to Riverdale with her parents and her younger sister Ami. Unlike the other Asian characters in Archie Comics, Kumi finds the English language somewhat difficult.
  TRULA TWIST: Jughead’s nemesis who heads up the J.U.S.T organization (“Jughead Under Surveillance Team”).  Her hope is to get Jughead to like girls so the other boys in Riverdale won’t end up like him… or is she just secretly in love with Jughead?!
  RAJ PATEL: Raj moved to Riverdale from India, and dreams of becoming a big Bollywood filmmaker, despite his parent’s objections.
  JARAR MCGERK is an upperclassman from Archie’s Freshman Year and the school bully.
  PENCIL NECK G. is Archie’s geeky friend he met during his Freshman Year.
  ZANE ZAPPEN is Pencil Neck G’s buddy
  NICK ST. CLAIR is a teenaged delinquent. He moved to town to live with his aunt and uncle. After sneaking into a movie, he fell for Veronica, and vice-versa.
Minor characters in Archie Comics

Little Archie Supporting Characters

  LITTLE AMBROSE (AMBROSE PIPPS): Down to earth and filled with whimsy and imagination, Ambrose was forever lamenting the fact that he wasn’t as big and strong as the rest of the kids.  In fact, he was often referred to as “Little Archie’s Pint-Sized Pal.”  What he lacked in size, however, he made up for in wits and spirit.  Clever and wise beyond his years, Ambrose was always ready with a cutting quip, but when push came to shove, wouldn’t think twice about coming to the aid of his friends.  This was a testament to his character, which was often bullied, put-upon and exploited by even the nicest kids in the group (including Little Archie).  In a modern-era follow-up story, a teenage Ambrose returns to Riverdale after a long absence and doesn’t hold a grudge against Archie, but rather begins their friendship anew.
  FANGS FOGARTY, older than Little Archie and the gang, he is the town’s resident bully.
  WEASEL WILLAMS, a rival of Little Archie’s who never loses a bet.
  EVELYN EVERNEVER, a shy girl whose only close friend was her doll, Minerva.
  SPOTTY, Little Archie’s faithful pet dog.
  CARAMEL, Betty’s golden-haired cat. She later often appeared in the main continuity.
Perhaps the most iconic magical character in comic books if not all of pop culture, Sabrina has been enchanting audiences for over 45 years.  Her popularity is timeless and worldwide awareness of the character remains consistent, making her the perfect “evergreen” property in the Archie portfolio.  It’s easy to see why when you get to the essence of the character as portrayed in her classic comic book persona: she embodies the “wish fulfillment” fantasies of young readers, especially girls who would love the ability to solve every puzzle and problem in life with a simple wave of the magic wand!  Rather than be an outcast among her teenage friends, Sabrina has learned to adapt and tends to use her magic only in secret.  Her adventures cover wide ground.  Whether dealing with other supernatural creatures in a magical realm, keeping her talking enchanted cat out of trouble, doing her best to obey the kindly (and fellow-witch) characters, or simply navigating the same trials and triumphs that the other teenage characters in the Archieverse encounter, you can be sure Sabrina will approach all with confidence, optimism and more than a touch of white magic!
  SABRINA SPELLMAN: As the “classic” Sabrina character has evolved, her adventures have taken place in several locations.  For a while, she lived in Riverdale alongside Archie and his friends but has also lived in nearby towns like Midvale and Greendale.  While most of her adventures have taken place in suburbia alongside mortal characters, she once lived in a town populated with other supernatural beings called Gravestone Heights.  Sabrina is 16 or 17 years old, sweet, lovable, cute, your basic “Marlo Thomas” type girl, always wanting to do only good with her magic.  She uses her magic in gentle ways, leaving most people unaware of her powers.  In the popular, long-running sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart, the idea that Sabrina is half-witch and half-mortal were expanded upon, allowing Sabrina to continue learning about and refining her powers with the help of her aunts, and causing complications in her relationship with mortal boyfriend Harvey Kinkle.  While kept in the dark for a while, ultimately Harvey learns Sabrina’s secret.
  AUNT HILDA:  In the comic books, Hilda is Sabrina’s 500-year-old orange-haired aunt, tall and lanky, and dressed in classic witch garb.  She is, in a fun way, always at odds with her niece whom she can’t understand.  Hilda is a true witch, devoted to the loyal order of witchdom.  She rides brooms and stocks her kitchen with cauldrons.  Although she is a pure witch, she doesn’t quite have the heart to zap Sabrina for her good-doing.  In the sitcom, she is attractive, frivolous and bubbly, constantly checking her appearance and avoiding any duties that she can that she finds boring or difficult.  She tends to wear mortal clothes unless involved in “official” witch business.
  AUNT ZELDA: In the comic books, Hilda’s sister Zelda is short, plump, wears glasses and has green hair.  She also wears a witch costume.  She is a witch with a soft heart.  When she and Hilda collaborate to try to come up with the right spell, they usually fail and the result is hilarious.  In the sitcom, she is the wiser and more patient of the sisters and is usually the voice of reason in the household. She is also more responsible, older than Hilda and quite attractive.   Like Hilda, she also favors mortal clothes unless involved in a special “witch” project.
  COUSIN AMBROSE: Ambrose is an adult male cousin who is a warlock and often comes to visit with Aunts Hilda and Zelda.  Sometimes he even lives in the household for periods.  He is of indeterminate age, but from a mortal standpoint appears to hover in the 45-50 age range.  He is tall and full-figured, with a bombastic sense of humor to match his girth – except when the joke’s on him!
  SALEM THE CAT: Salem is Sabrina’s long-haired female tabby cat.  Salem is an adorable animal who is smarter than she looks.  With magical powers, Salem can play tricks on the local dogs.  She even helps Sabrina when she needs someone to come to her aid.  Like Sabrina, Salem exercises her powers subtly so that few people ever notice her magic.
  YOUNG SALEM SABERHAGEN, A young boy of great power and potential.  He has an insatiable thirst for adventure and a little bit of an ego.  His story is of his many adventures and his eventual corruption – a good soul led astray.  Despite this, Salem is never truly “evil.” Salem is formerly a warlock turned into an American Shorthair cat as punishment by the Witches’ Council for attempting to take over the world. He has the ability to talk and possesses a sarcastic and somewhat self-centered (and self-preserving) attitude.
  HARVEY KINKLE: Sabrina’s good-natured boyfriend.  A boy of reasonably good looks but average intelligence, for most of their relationship Harvey is unsuspecting of Sabrina’s true nature, even though he senses there is something just a little bit “different” about her.  He is an average student and an above-average athlete.  Harvey is like one of the basic “good dudes” in any group of friends – he is someone everyone likes, and he gets along with everyone by being open-minded and obliging.  Some of the unusual situations that occur as the result of having a witch for a girlfriend sometimes get the best of him, resulting in fearful anxiety or confused agitation, but for the most part, Harvey is even-keeled.  In the sitcom, he eventually learns of Sabrina’s powers on his own.
  DELLA THE HEAD WITCH and ENCHANTRA: Della rules the Witches’ Council, and watches over the other witches to make sure things are in order.  Della is a stern ruler who often inspires fear in the other witches, who aim to please her as much as possible.   In the sitcom, her name was changed to Enchantra.
  Shinji Yamagi (witch): If Harvey is the good boy, then Shinji is the bad boy. Orphaned at a young age, he lives with his older brother Kenichi in the Magic Realm. They both share a mysterious past that, once revealed, becomes a defining moment in the overall story and is what spurs Shinji to start the Four Blades rebellion (His mother and father were the founders of the original Four Blade movement).  Shinji’s element is Fire, which means he is passionate (a ladies man!), hot-headed, impulsive, and a bit of an adrenaline junkie. He’s not afraid to bend the rules or take a chance. He always has feelings for Sabrina but isn’t always patient enough to wait for love to grow, especially when she’s fawning over Harvey. In the meantime, he dates other girls, often to Sabrina’s chagrin. Shinji is a risk-taker, a bit of a show-off, and loves to have fun, (sometimes at the expense of real-life responsibilities like school work). However, once Shinji starts the new Four Blades, he finds a new purpose to his life and he matures quite a bit. Despite this, at times he can become single-minded to the point of fanatic obsession.
  The Queen (witch/elf): Queen Seles, who was orphaned and then adopted as a child by the pirate Nocturna, was extremely gifted with magic at a very young age. While she was still a teenager, she was elected to be the Queen of the Magic Realm due to her magical prowess and benevolence. She has had one of the longest reigns in Magic Realm history, spanning thousands of years. But when she meets and falls in love with a man named Vosblanc, she is deceived and loses her powers to him. Ashamed, she goes to great lengths to hide this fact and allows the Magic Realm to slowly wither as a result. The original Four Blades learned her secret and aimed to help restore her magic, but were destroyed by Vosblanc, who then helped spread propaganda, accusing the Four Blades of treachery. Queen Seles felt terrible about the death of the Four Blades, but she kept quiet about the truth and continued to allow Vosblanc to exert control over her. When she first meets Sabrina she recognizes the potential in the girl and even recognizes that some of her own power runs through Sabrina’s veins. She then chooses Sabrina as the one who will both save her and help her restore the Magic Realm.
LLANDRA da SILVA (witch): Llandra is Sabrina’s best friend. She lives in the mortal realm like Sabrina, but she attends a private school. Her family is originally from Brazil where her father was an accomplished Rainforest Shaman. As such, Llandra’s affinity is the Earth element, and her magic with plants and nature is especially strong. Being an Earth element, Llandra is grounded, strong, and patient. But she can also be notoriously stubborn, and slow to forgive when her feelings have been hurt. She is generally a very loyal friend and ally and tends to be much more sensible and mature than Sabrina. Because of this, she often “grounds” Sabrina when needed. She initially fell in love with Shinji and dated him for a while, but broke up with him when she realized he had feelings for Sabrina. She harbored a long grudge over this, but she eventually got over it when she met the love of her life, a Merman named Narayan.
  NARAYAN (witch/merman): He lives in a secluded underwater city which prefers to stay fairly uninvolved in matters of the land (including politics). As such, this society has formed its own rules and behaviors and is largely ignorant of the outside world. It is an industrious society where architecture and creating tangible, useful objects is favored above all. Anything else is looked down upon and considered frivolous and wasteful. This is a problem for Narayan since his passion is to paint. A romantic and dreamer, he loves to paint beautiful murals on the ocean rocks – even though he knows that if he gets caught he would be charged with vandalism and for performing a wasteful activity. When he meets Llandra they fall in love with each other and theirs is a pure and lasting love, free of any of the drama and complications that seem to plague other couples. After meeting Llandra, he eventually ventures outside his restrictive society and becomes a land-dweller thanks to Sabrina who magically gives him the ability to have human legs when he touches air. Naturally, being a merman, Narayan’s element is Water. This means he is artistic, sensitive, pensive, empathetic towards others, and can be moody at times. He joins Shinji, Llandra, and Hemlock as a member of the Four Blades.
  HEMLOCK (witch/bat-girl): Like Shinji, she’s a bit of a bad-girl, which is what attracts her to him. He recruits her to join his Four Blades movement and they become a couple. However, Shinji does not realize that Hemlock actually works for Vosblanc, and is planning to betray Shinji and the Four Blades movement. Her mother was the pirate Nocturna, who also adopted Queen Seles when she was a child (thus making Seles her adopted sister). Hemlock was always jealous of Seles and her rise to power, and she gets seduced by Vosblanc and his talks of taking over the Magic Realm and making her his queen. In the final climatic issue, she realizes the error of her ways and sacrifices herself to bring Vosblanc down and to save Shinji.
BATTY BARTHOLOMEW (witch): When Sabrina’s magic powers become so advanced that regular Charm School is not enough for her, Hilda arranges for Bartholomew to personally tutor her. He is said to have been one of the best magicians of his time, but it seems that now all his marbles are lost and keeps confusing Sabrina for a maid…but is it all an act? It is later revealed that Bartholomew was once very active in the original Four Blades, but his memory was erased following his capture. This may explain why he seems so addled, but even once Sabrina restores his memory, he is still as batty as ever.
VOSBLANC (witch/fox-spirit): The main villain of the series, although he is not revealed right away. He is a fox-spirit who longs to drain the magic realm of all its magic and channel it into himself, and then go on to conquer the mortal realm with his newly gained power. To achieve this he seduces Queen Seles, who not only is the most powerful witch in the realm but also has exclusive access to the mana tree which is the source of all magical power. After gaining her trust, Vosblanc betrays her and steals all her magical ability and entraps it within a jewel which he wears at his neck in order to draw from its power. Then, with the queen’s magic, he is able to access the mana tree and slowly drain it of its power as well.

Due to the fact that all of Vosblanc’s power is contained within the jewel, whenever he is separated from it, he reverts to his child-form which is named Kit. As Kit, he is not able to use any magic, but he is still clever as ever and can continue to trick people into helping him out. He got Sabrina to assist him in returning the jewel to him when he was in Kit form. She had no idea of the repercussions of this action, but neither of them realized that by touching the jewel, Sabrina would absorb some of its power, which explains her sudden spike in magical power. The original Four Blades learned of Vosblanc’s doings and attempted to stop him, but failed. The new Four Blades eventually succeed in separating him from his jewel, thus reverting him to his Kit form, but he escapes to the mortal realm at the end of the story.

Josie McCoy is the Archie of her universe in that she is the central character to whom all the other characters interact with and relate.  Bright, confident and with a great disposition, Josie is a master musician, singer, and songwriter.  Her adventures encompass some of the typical trials and triumphs of teenage life a la Archie, as well as the jet-setting world of popular music as she leads her all-girl rock ‘n roll trio, Josie & the Pussycats.  The comic book and cartoon adventures of the Pussycats band have historical significance as being the first big pop culture depiction of an all-girl band who played their own instruments (all the more amazing since there were only two such bands at the time of the Pussycats’ debut, and those bands were quite obscure).

  JOSIE McCOY: A sassy redhead who is bright and self-assured, Josie is friendly and vivacious, someone everyone wants to be around.  She has amazing musical talent which she uses as the guitarist of the Pussycats band.  While smart, she often defers to Valerie in matters relating to the music biz.  When things get tense between her friends, she is often the voice of reason, the diplomat.  She has a whimsical attitude toward boyfriends – sometimes she goes ga-ga for certain boys, while she’s happy to have less intense romantic friendships with other boys.
  Mr. McCoy, Josie’s highly supportive father.
  VALERIE SMITH: As if the fact that the Pussycats were an early depiction of an influence on all-girl rock groups wasn’t enough, the series was also historical for casting the African-American character Valerie as the group’s super-smart voice of reason.  Throughout the various comic book and animated adventures of the band, Valerie is shown in a leadership role, often controlling the destiny of the band.  Playing bass, she is also hip and quick to spot the latest musical trends as well the newest rock star fashions.
  MELODY VALENTINE: What Melody lacks in brains she more than makes up for in beauty!  The platinum blonde is simply a stunner.  In her world, “bubblegum rock” means banging out the beat on her drums for the Pussycats.  She also talks in sing-song fashion, hence her name.  Melody is the member of the group most likely to get everyone in trouble, whether with her reckless boy-chasing ways, her tendency to be a klutz or her general lack of common sense.  Her sweet, good-natured, bubbly attitude makes it hard for anyone to stay angry with her.
  ALEXANDER CABOT III: Alexander is the untrustworthy manager of the Pussycats, guaranteed to secure just the wrong gig for the band… although sometimes he comes through.  Like Reggie Mantle, he can be obnoxious and bratty.  He is a spoiled coward, but he does have all the connections.
  ALEXANDRA CABOT: Sharing Veronica Lodge’s wealth and snootiness, Alexandra is a true “hanger-on.”  Alexandra’s primary function is to hang around the band – she’s essentially a groupie who desperately wants to be in the group!  Alexandra has a very exotic look – from the white, skunk-like stripe in her hair to latest in Haute couture fashions, she stands out in any crowd!
  SEBASTIAN THE CAT: Alexandra’s cat Sebastian shares the same white stripe down the middle of his hair… and he also shares the name of the Cabot’s ancestor, who was accused of consorting with witches and had a matching white stripe!  Could it be that’s where Sebastian gets his sometimes-magical powers?  Is it possible the spell casting feline is the living reincarnation of the infamous Cabot ancestor?  Hmmmm….
  ALEXANDER CABOT II, Alex and Alexandra’s rich father.
  ALAN M. (Mayberry): All-American, hunky roadie Alan is endowed with muscles, blonde hair and natural good-natured charm.  He is also a talented folk singer in his own right.
  PEPPER: A Jughead-like female who is always a few steps ahead of the rest.  Her fashion sense leans toward geek-chic meets beatnik.
  ALBERT: A good-natured, though sometimes rascally beatnik. Josie’s ex-boyfriend, a guitarist who was replaced by Alan in the late 1960s.
  SOCRATES “SOCK”: An ironically-named big dumb jock reminiscent of Big Moose. Pepper’s athletic boyfriend, a friend of Albert.
  MR. TUTTLE, Josie, and the gang’s high school principal.
If Wilbur was a parallel universe version of Archie, then “That Wilkin Boy” is a parallel universe version of Wilbur!  Bingo Wilkins shares not just the same last name as Wilbur but also his edge.  However, he also ups the ante by being a bit more bombastic than Wilbur as he dates, hangs out with his friends, and causes general mayhem among his friends and foes alike in the town of Midville.
  BINGO WILKINS: His full name is “Woodrow Wilkin III,” but he’s having none of that!  Bingo is reminiscent of Archie and Wilbur, but his ultra-clumsy and mega-rambunctious style makes them look tame by comparison.  He certainly is into girls as much as his predecessors, loves rock music like Archie (he leads his own band, called “The Bingoes”) and plays sports for Midville High, but he’s also a pseudo-hippie – at least a squeaky-clean, sanitized, early ‘70s version of a hippie.  He’s in love with the girl-next-door – literally, as he goes steady with his neighbor Samantha.  Bingo’s general good nature and devil-may-care attitude get him through any situation.
  WOODROW “WILLIE” WILKIN, JR.: Bingo’s dad is the typical suburban father.  With more than a bit of a spare tire and a desire to just live a nice, peaceful, quiet life, he’s constantly trying to sidestep Laurie’s dad, who’s perpetually infuriated over her relationship with Bingo.
  WILMA WILKIN: Calm, cool, collected and wise, Wilma is the perfect support mechanism for husband Woodrow and son Bingo.
  HERMAN WILKIN, Bingo’s eccentric maternal uncle, a retired baseball player. NOTE: In JUGHEAD & FRIENDS DIGEST #5 (2006), it is revealed the Bingo and Jughead are cousins who share an Uncle Herman.
  REBEL THE DOG: This spotted beagle with the power of conscious thought is a shard wise guy in the tradition of “Alf” who often comes to Bingo’s aid, especially in a jam.
  SAMANTHA SMYTHE: A cross between Betty Cooper and Josie and Melody from the Pussycats, Samantha is into sports and weight-lifting.  She plays tambourine in The Bingoes band, and is Bingo’s steady girl… much to the consternation of her tough, militant father.
  SAMSON SMYTHE: Militant-minded and muscular, Laurie’s dad is at his wit’s end that her daughter would choose to go steady with Bingo.  He’s constantly picking fights with neighbor’s (especially Bingo’s dad) and trying to foil the teens’ plans.
  SHEILA SMYTHE: The complete opposite of her regimented husband, Sheila is down to earth with a live-and-let-live attitude.  She longs for Samson to change, but is constantly let down and dismayed by his antiquated and bullying ways.
  “TOUGH” TEDDY TAMBORINE: Fit and slim, Teddy fancies himself a “manly man” and is constantly playing it “cool”.  He sports a hip rock star look with closely-cropped black hair, thick eyebrows, and sunglasses, and plays bass guitar for The Bingoes.
  BUDDY DRUMHEAD: Mellow and soft-spoken, motorbike-riding Buddy is a bona fide hippie who plays drums in The Bingoes.  His closest friend and confidante is Teddy.
MR. PARKER: The coach and athletic director of Midville High is constantly bewildered and beleaguered by the teenage antics that surround him.
Li’l Jinx is a lovable but mischievous girl engaged in a never-ending battle of wits with her father.  After being born on Halloween, her parents decided the only appropriate name for her would be Jinx… and they’ve been paying for it ever since!  When energetic Jinx isn’t driving her parents crazy, she’s having crazy adventures with her friends.
  LI’L JINX HOLLIDAYJinx is high-spirited and offers a kid’s view of family relationships and the adult world.  A natural born leader, she easily convinces her friends to follow any whimsical scheme she may conceive, with comical and sometimes disastrous results.  She’s always two steps ahead of her father, much to his dismay.
  HAP HOLLIDAY: Jinx’s long-suffering dad is constantly behind the eight ball when it comes to Jinx.  He just can’t figure her out or outsmart her.  Instead of trying, he spends most of his time perpetually frustrated and agitated.  But life isn’t all yelling and mayhem for Hap… he does take solace in his favorite hobby: collecting vintage comic book!
  MERRY HOLLIDAY: Jinx’s mother is a half mom, half wife, and whole referee, constantly trying to keep order between her husband and daughter.  Like many mothers would, she cuts a good deal of slack to Jinx, much to the chagrin of her husband.
  GIGI: Rich and selfish, Gigi is a bit of a Veronica-type, however just as Veronica enjoys having Betty as a friend, Gigi is a good friend to Jinx.
  GREG, a boy who appears to be Li’l Jinx’s childhood boyfriend.
  CHARLEY HAWSE aka FAT CHARLEY: Jinx’s best friend can sometimes be a bully.  Jinx is the only one who seems to be able to keep him in line and to get the best out of him.
  RUSS, a very knowledgeable African American boy added in later years.
  ROZ, Russ’s African American girlfriend added in later years.
MORT THE WORRY-WART: Always nervous and anxious about something, Mort has low self-esteem – his picture appears in the dictionary definition of “inferiority complex!”

A Midwestern “girl next door” with stunning looks and talent is “discovered” and becomes a world-famous model, singer, and actress.  The glamour and glitz of Katy’s newfound celebrity bring an entourage of colorful characters into Katy’s life, from boyfriends to agents to rivals on the runway, Katy has her hands full… not to mention her precocious “Sis,” named Mackenzie who is determined to follow in Katy’s footsteps, or at least be in the thick of whatever jet-setting adventure Katy’s on now!

KATY KEENE: Katy Keene is the brightest new star of both the modeling and Hollywood worlds. Katy, a twenty-one-year-old woman, grew up and went to college in the Midwest. Katy was “discovered” and started modeling, which helped her begin her acting career. Since she never wanted her celebrity status, she remains, at heart, a nice girl-next-door type. Often amazed, sometimes confused, by the swirl of the bright lights that end up around her, Katy always sees the best and enjoys all new experiences. Katy is smart, friendly, and outgoing, always looking at the bright side and making the best of a bad situation. She has now had several hit movies and is much in-demand in Hollywood.
  MACKENZIE aka “SIS”: Katy’s little sister is sixteen and attends Hollywood Heights High. She usually, but not always, enjoys having such a famous sister. Katy does her best to keep Mackenzie down-to-earth amid the hustle and bustle of New York City and Hollywood. Mackenzie comes up with wild schemes to get herself into the movies, but Katy wants her to finish school first and realize that there’s more to life. This doesn’t always go over well, but Katy’s just trying to look out for her.
  GLORIA GOLD (formerly GLORIA GRANDBILT): Katy’s main rival, an artificially good-looking blonde who will step on or use anyone to get to the top. As soon as Katy gets to Hollywood, she beats out Gloria on both a great modeling job and a movie part (in the same day). Gloria will never forgive her for this and will do all she can to block Katy’s career, whether it’s by kissing up to Rodney or planting a little malicious gossip.
  K.O. KELLY: In the classic Katy comics, K.O. was a boxer.  In the contemporary comics, he’s an extreme sports star who Katy meets in New York City.  In either case, he’s a great guy, and while he’s a fierce competitor in his sports, he’s a pussycat at heart.  Katy is attracted to him because he reminds her of the boys she knew in Michigan. Still, being a native New Yorker, K.O. knows his way around. Katy’s always afraid he’ll be hurt and would like him to do something else besides boxing/extreme sports, but she tries to be understanding since it is his life. In the modern stories, KO is a stunt coordination for movies and gets to spend more time in Hollywood with Katy.
  RODNEY VAN RONSON (formerly known as Randy Van Ronson): A wealthy Hollywood playboy who Katy dates when in Hollywood. Katy likes and has fun with Rodney, but she’s never sure how serious he is… especially since has more money in his pocket than personality.  He has good showbiz connections, dabbles in movie producing (especially those starring Katy), but he seems familiar with a few too many of the other starlets. As a producer of some of Katy’s movies, Rodney can get a little possessive at times, which sometimes unattractively manifests itself as jealousy.

  CLYDE DIDIT (occasionally spelled Diddit), a hippie/mod musician and the main character (originally a mascot) in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He plays drums in his band “The Madhouse Glads.”
  DAN DIDIT is one of Clyde’s three brothers who each play guitar in “The Madhouse Glads.”
  DICK DIDIT is one of Clyde’s three brothers who each play guitar in “The Madhouse Glads.” Dick is also Clyde’s best friend.
  DIPPY DIDIT is one of Clyde’s three brothers who each play guitar in “The Madhouse Glads.”
  FRAN THE FAN, an obsessed groupie of “The Madhouse Glads.” She dates Clyde and Rod.
  ROD THE MOD, a vain, fashion-obsessed mod.
  CAPTAIN SPROCKET, a comical superhero from the years when the series did not feature Clyde and his friends.
Living in a seemingly parallel universe to that occupied by Archie and his friends, blonde-haired Wilbur Wilkins goes through the trials and triumphs of a typical girl-crazy teen.  While generally good-natured like Archie, Wilbur has a little more of an edge – particularly when he’s been crossed.  Wilbur can be excitable and impulsive, but his biggest weakness is the fact that he thinks of himself and his plans as smart.  Unlike Riverdale’s teens that get caught up in fads and fashions, part-time jobs, confounding their parents and teachers and various other pursuits, the main focus in Wilbur’s world is the dating scene.  Jealousies and maneuvering abound as the teens compete to be each other’s “best girl” and “best guy.”
  WILBUR WILKINS: Wilbur is the Archie that lives in a neighboring town, albeit an Archie who occasionally bears some fangs.  He is not a bad kid, and often helpful and easy-going, but he’s also very self-absorbed and not above playing dirty to get what he wants.  And what he wants are dates with pretty girls!  While he prefers a variety of girls, the two that feature most prominently in his life are Laura and Linda, two girls reminiscent of Betty and Veronica who have Wilbur cornered in his own “love triangle.”
  LAURIE LAKE: If Betty Cooper had a twin, it would be Laurie.  Blonde, beautiful and sweet, Laurie is sensible and even-handed… except in matters of love.   Laurie’s spunkiness becomes utter determination when it comes to Wilbur, especially when Linda tries to get in the middle of them!
  LINDA MOORE: A lot like Veronica Lodge, but much coyer, brunette Linda is a sassy, well-off girl who fancies Wilbur… except for those times when he exasperates her!  Linda is not shy about letting her displeasure be known.  She’s also not one to back down when other girls show interest in Wilbur.
  RED: Red is a goofy guy who marches to the beat of his own drummer, much like Jughead Jones.  He is content to watch the dating mayhem from the sidelines, and act as a “Greek Chorus” when he has something to say about it.  He is generally well-liked and a fine confidante for Wilbur.
LESTER KEITH: (LESTER KEITH and SLATS and ALEC) These three similar characters take on the “Reggie” role(s) in Wilbur’s world – they are low-down, dirty rotten schemers, perpetually trying to cause trouble for Wilbur and get in-between him and his girls!
  SLATS: (LESTER KEITH and SLATS and ALEC) These three similar characters take on the “Reggie” role(s) in Wilbur’s world – they are low-down, dirty rotten schemers, perpetually trying to cause trouble for Wilbur and get in-between him and his girls!
  ALEC: (LESTER KEITH and SLATS and ALEC) These three similar characters take on the “Reggie” role(s) in Wilbur’s world – they are low-down, dirty rotten schemers, perpetually trying to cause trouble for Wilbur and get in-between him and his girls!
  TINY: This ironically named “big dumb jock” must have been separated at birth from Riverdale’s own Moose Mason.  Together, Tiny and Moose share a quarter of a brain, but 10 times more brawn than the average pro wrestler!
  BOLO: Bolo takes the idea of a Reggie-style character even further, adding the slime and sleaze of Taxi’s reprehensible dispatcher, Louie DePalma.  He is constantly offering to help his pal Tiny get a date with Dodo, for a fee of course.  The irony is that Dodo actually has eyes for Bolo!
  DODO: Dodo is “geek chic” meets “Beatnik” in her cool sweater, jeans, and specs.  She’s very bright, with the exception of her infatuation with Bolo.
MR. MOORE: If Linda Moore is the Veronica Lodge of the Wilbur-verse, then her father is its Mr. Lodge!  Stodgy and bewildered by the frenetic world of Linda and her teenage friends, Mr. Moore is even more excitable and reactionary than Mr. Lodge.  He jumps to extremes in zero to sixty seconds!

Archie Comics have always been known for having some of the best leading ladies in comic book history, and Suzie is no exception.  Suzie falls somewhere between Betty and Veronica and Katy Keene.  The one thing they all have in common, of course, is a stunning beauty.  Beyond that, Suzie’s misadventures revolve around romantic entanglements a la Betty and Veronica, but like Katy Keene, she’s no high schooler—she is an adult young lady in the workforce.  At least she tries to be.  The problem is, she has trouble keeping a job!  Her vivacious personality underscores her good intentions, but her clumsiness always sabotages her.  Still, no one can say her life is boring – Suzie is up for anything, whether it’s skiing with her boss, appearing as a contestant with a boyfriend on a quiz show or working on a dude ranch with her friend Ferdie.  Too bad most of her experiences end up in slapstick shambles!  Fortunately, good-natured Suzie is able to laugh it all off.

  SUZIE: Ever cheerful, Suzie would love nothing more than to help out in any way she can… but with a scattered brain and clumsy streak to outrival Archie Andrews, the best way she can help is to not help at all!  She incurs the wrath of a seemingly never-ending line of bosses, who all become ex-bosses as she loses one job after another.  Her love life is no better.  Absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, men line up to date her.  These would-be suitors learn soon enough that the troubles her short attention span and unsure footing cause are not worth the effort!  It’s their loss, as Suzie is surely one of the sweetest girls ever to appear in comics.
  FERDIE:  Gawkish, nerdy and nebbishy, Ferdie is Suzie’s best friend and confidante.  Acting very much like the platonic male friends in the Doris Day movies of yore up through the lovable sitcom characters of today like Kenneth on “30 Rock,” Ferdie is constantly doing “damage control.”  Whether covering for Suzie so yet another boss doesn’t fire her, or doing his best to clear up a misunderstanding Suzie’s flightiness has caused for one of her beleaguered boyfriends, Ferdie is always there to help.
  ANGELA THE ANGEL: Suzie’s adolescent niece acts like an “angel” when everyone is looking, but she is anything but!  She is sometimes referred to as “Angel Puss.”  She plays her role as “general nuisance” to the hilt, plotting and scheming ways she can cause mischief for Suzie and others.  Her pranks often interrupt Suzie’s dates, as if Suzie didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to relationships!
  GREGORY VON DRIP: Gregory evolved out of a character originally called Gregory Von Lingrinkiss the 3rd.  He is an obnoxious mix of Veronica Lodge, sharing her trademark wealth, and Reggie Mantle, sharing his trademark vanity.  A weasel when it comes to women, Gregory uses his wealth and charm to attract the fairer sex… and his shifty cunning to keep his competition at bay.  Of course, good-natured Suzie longs to see the positive in everyone, and can’t see through Gregory’s smarmy disguise.  Thankfully, her good friend Ferdie helps her see the light about this roguish Romeo.

A red-headed teen goes ga-ga over the opposite sex… and we don’t mean Archie!  In this lively gender-swap variation on Archie, Ginger takes the stage as “America’s Typical Teen-Age Girl,” as the banners atop the covers of her comics declare.  Ginger takes the traditional Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle a few steps further: she dates lots of different guys, and when we say “different,” we mean it – from the nerdy Ickky to the gridiron hunk Whiz Baker, and every kind of guy in-between!  In fact, the teens in Ginger’s world all seem to date one another on a rotating basis, and therein lies the conflict as the girls all maneuver to date the most desirable guys.  A comedy of errors, the multitude of misunderstandings leads to much merriment!

  GINGER SNAPP: Ginger is sassy, bright and self-assured.  She falls for guys easily, but unlike some of her competitors, she’s not superficial.  She’d just as soon go on a date with her dorky friend Ickky as she would sports star Whiz Baker.  Ginger can be crafty, both in her resolve to get men interested in her as well as in thwarting her nemeses’ attempts to date guys she has her eyes on.  She is generally pleasant and good-natured, except when other girls cross her – then she will fight tooth and nail to stake her claim!
  FRED SNAPP: (Originally called John) Ginger’s Father. He loves his daughter more than anything would do anything for her. But is often short-tempered with her suitors and troughs them out of the house.
  LOTTA SNAPP: Ginger’s Mother.
  DOTTY: Ginger’s best friend in her freshman year.
  PATSY: Ginger’s best gal pal is even more sassy than Ginger!  She’s got Ginger’s back, especially when the scheming Bunny is out to steal one of her dates.
  TOMMY TURNER: Another of Ginger’s beaus, blonde hunk Tommy is an ever-pleasant, good-natured “All-American” type.
  ICKKY: Ever-resourceful, Ickky truly has a soft spot for Ginger, and appreciates the fact that such a beautiful girl as she would give him the time of day.  Even though Ginger often stands him up, Ickky knows that there will be other opportunities to date her.  He also doesn’t sit around waiting for that next date with Ginger – he’s confident enough to ask other girls out in the meantime.  Ickky is perhaps the most confident, laid-back nerd in the history of comics… or movies and TV shows, for that matter!
  WHIZ BAKER: Whiz is the local high school’s top football player… and that’s enough to have all the girls interested in him!
  MONK: A big, brawny tough guy who Ginger sometimes dates.  His “jock” attitude clashes with the more erudite Ickky.
  BICEPS BURKE: Is the new boy at Hilldale. Both Ginger and Patsy want to date him.
  BRENDA BRENT: Ginger’s rival for Tommy. An old flame of Tommy Turner’s who is determined to get him back from Ginger.
  BUNNY: Ginger’s rival perpetually has her gloves off, eager to do battle over boys and more.  Ever-scheming, Bunny is in a perpetual state of determined agitation, driven by her desire to one-up Ginger at every turn.
  IGGY: Gingers friend from Hilldale High.
  THORNY: A friend of Ikky.
  SOAPY: A friend of Ikky and Burke.
  PRINCIPAL GRUMP: Hilldale High School’s Principal, Preceded Principal Hummingbird.
  PRINCIPAL HUMMINGBIRD: Hilldale High School’s Principal, who has to deal with the effect Ginger has on all the boys at Hilldale High.
  MISS. GARGLE: Hilldale High School’s Home Economics Teacher
  COACH: Hilldale High School athletic coach for both Girl’s and Boy’s sports.
  NICK: Owns the local ice cream shop. All the kids from Hilldale High School hang out at Nick’s.

Hip and flip teen Seymour stars in stories that promise readers an “inside look” on the day-in-the-life of a “typical teenage boy.”  It’s an “inside look” fraught with peril as Seymour leaves chaos in his impulsive wake!  Whether causing calamity in chemistry class, concocting a culinary catastrophe in the cafeteria or friskily flirting with the French teacher, Seymour’s days are never boring!

  SEYMOUR: Impulsive to a tee, Seymour truly lives for “the moment.”  He’s ga-ga over girls, and this often leads to slapstick consequences as his eyes are on the lovely ladies instead of watching where he’s going.  If there’s a party going on, he’s the “life” of it.  If there’s court being held, he’s holding it.  And if there’s a center of attention… well, he’s dead center!  Of course, his behavior can backfire as well – sometimes Seymour is merely the most obnoxious guy in the room!  He’s much too busy with pursuits of pleasure to bother with school work, yard work or any work for that matter.  Why work when you can make a splash at the beach?
  SEYMOUR’S DAD: Long-suffering (with the gray hair to prove it) and perpetually exasperated, Seymour’s dad is sure his son is going through a phase he will one day grow out of.  As stern, as he can be, he can only reprimand Seymour so much before he gives up and gives in.  He figures it’s better to let Seymour go off on his merry way than cause more havoc at the house!
One of the most distinct-looking humor titles Archie ever published was political cartoonist Walt Lardner’s “Adventures Of Pipsqueak.”  While Archie already had tiny terrors like Pat the Brat, Little Jinx and Little Ambrose in its stable, the art and writing style of Lardner made Pipsqueak unique.  Unlike those other tykes who were firmly grounded in the Archie style, Lardner portrayed his little urchin with both a newspaper comic strip flair as well as the streamlined animation look of popular TV commercials.  The strip was filled with slapstick mayhem and zippy dialogue, often at the expense of the beleaguered adults that populated it.  It remains a stand-out today when the stories are occasionally reprinted in Archie digests.
  PIPSQUEAK: Pipsqueak says what’s on his mind, which often gets his dad in trouble!  He’s constantly working his parents against one another for his own benefit.  Nothing rattles Pipsqueak, and his game to try anything.  It’s as if he has a guardian angel ushering him through life on a cloud, as others bear the brunt of the chaos left in his wake.  None more so than his poor ‘ol pop!
  PIPSQUEAK’S DAD: Pipsqueak’s dad’s nerves are constantly hanging from a thread.  You could even say his nerves are totally shot.  If he’s not trying to rescue some teacher or camp counselor from the tornado that is Pipsqueak, he’s putting his own foot in his mouth regarding his son, or being totally framed by him.
PIPSQUEAK’S MOM: Alice Doting to a fault, Pipsqueak’s Mom manages to maintain an “he’s only a boy” attitude at least 98% of the time.  She rarely gets angry or loses patience with her son, which is more than can be said his dad.
BUDDY: Wearing baggy pants and a crown hat like Jughead, Buddy is a basic goofball who doesn’t put much thought into anything, least of all Pipsqueak’s schemes, which he blindly follows.
  POACH: The shaggiest, mangiest, runt of a dog ever.  His fleas have fleas!
Alice and Oswald Smith are typical young parents, doing their best to raise their rascally son Patrick.  But unlike Beaver Cleaver, who got into trouble because he didn’t know any better, and Dennis the Menace, who turned concocting clever schemes into an art, Pat is simply… well… Pat is a brat!  Pat’s trouble is he’s smarter than most kids his age and even smarter than some adults.  This leads to a lot of smart (as in “smart alec”) remarks from Pat… and a lot of often slapstick-filled trouble for both him and his parents!
  PAT SMITH: Pat’s most prominent trait has to be his sarcasm.  Unfortunately for those around him, his often bratty comments turn out to be harbingers of impending doom.  Somehow, Pat has the smarts that other kids his age… and even some adults… lack.  Because of this, he has little patience for most adults and other kids… especially little girls.  But being a “wise guy” doesn’t always make him a wise guy, and while his father bears much of the brunt of his antics, Pat is pretty good at getting himself into jams, too!
  OSWALD SMITH: If Purple Heart medals were awarded to parents, Oswald would be the first recipient.  He tries to model patience and maintain a cheerful demeanor, but both are shattered by Pat’s maddeningly sarcastic comments and the calamity he causes.  Oswald is a champ at making matters worse with his nervousness and klutziness.  He is the prince of pratfalls!
  ALICE SMITH: Alice is the even-keeled, good-tempered glue that holds the Smith family together.  Most of the time she dotes equally on husband Oswald and son Pat, although sometimes she thinks Oswald can be a bit hard on Pat.  Boy, does Pat have her snowed!  He knows just how to appeal to her good nature.