Bombor the Living Bomb

Prowess 3
Coordination 4
Strength 5
Intellect 2
Awareness 2
Willpower 2

Stamina 7

*Blast 5 (Bombor’s headpiece fires “knob projectiles”)
*Explosive Blast 8 (Limit: Bombor takes damage from this attack)
*Life Support 10


“You see, in me, a living bomb! I was designed to explode both myself and my target upon contact! You will be that target!”
A big dumb machine
Loyal to the Brain Emperor

Much of the following comes from

Bombor was one of several henchmen the Brain Emperor gathered together to fight the Mighty Crusaders. He challenged the Black Hood to battle, gloating that he was a living bomb and could explode both himself and his target upon contact. When Bomber leaped towards his opponent, Black Hood’s mechanical horse, Nightmare, sacrificed himself and jumped in the path of his owner and exploded when Bombor hit.

This character appeared on two pages of a comic book published in 1966. On the first page, he just stood there. On the second, he introduced himself and then blew himself up. Considering that his major power results in his own demise whenever he uses it, Bombor is just as much of a threat to himself as he is to others. Still, something about this character strikes me as fun. He’s a robot so he could be rebuilt whenever The Brain Emperor (or whatever villain you’re using) wants him to reappear. Let the guy blow himself up every few adventures as a running gag? Maybe he develops an irrational glitch where he assumes an existentialist fear of blowing up? Or maybe a master villain mass produces Bombors so your heroes have to fight a horde of suicidal robots?