Black Hood
aka Greg Hettinger

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 4
Intellect 3
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 8

*Motorcycle (Handling 7, Speed 4, Structure 3)
*Handgun 4
*Gadgets 3

Athletics (+1 bonus), Drive (+1 bonus), Investigation (Expert +2 bonus), Law (+1 bonus), Martial Arts (+1 bonus), Stealth (+1 bonus), Weapons – Guns (Expert +2 bonus)

Recovering Prescription Drug Addict
Requires Speech Therapy
Scarred Face
Seeks atonement for his failures


Officer Greg Hettinger is a Philadelphia cop. He is seen intervening in a gunfight but takes a shotgun blast to the face. He is able to fire off one final shot before he loses consciousness. When he wakes, he finds out that he shot and killed Thomas “Kip” Burland, otherwise known as the Black Hood. After struggling to deal with his scarred face and slurred speech he slowly gains an addiction to his painkillers. While high he puts on the Black Hood mask, given to him by a fellow Officer as a joke, and takes to the streets to stop a cry for help. He slowly begins to go out more as the Black Hood and after being framed by the local drug ring, and being demoted to desk duty, he sets out to take down the leader known only as “The Connection” while also helping with civil disturbances.

After almost getting killed by some drug dealers, Hettinger confides in his speech therapist, Jessie Dupree, and together they are able to find someone who knows the name of “The Connection” and where they can find him. Hettinger confronts “The Connection” who is revealed to be Deputy Mayor John Cuthbert. After engaging in a fight with him, Hettinger is able to put the Black Hood mask over Cuthbert’s face before pushing him through a window where he falls to his death. It is later reported that Cuthbert’s death is being suspected as suicide and that he was in fact the Black Hood attempting to take out the competition. Hettinger is promoted back to being an Officer after it is made clear that he was framed by Cuthbert. After being sent to rehab on account of his addiction, he is seen sewing a new Black Hood mask so that he can continue to make up for his sins.